Calm The Fire: 119

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After spying the Eagles on the horizon, Bilbo had thrown his hands in the air and looked with dumbfounded surprise that they were here. He had taken his position with the Elves on Ravenhill, Gandalf was here too seemingly deep in thought. Bilbo mainly stood close to these two forces because he'd rather take – if it were to come to that – his last stand with the Elvenking and Gandalf. As soon as the pathway was clear, Thranduil had lead his army, or what numbers remained of them, down the slopes as quickly as possible. Any fleeing Goblin or Orc which crossed his path was easily cut aside. Behind him Legolas managed to run with speed while shooting arrow after arrow. Bilbo had no clue how he managed to not lose his footing or how he kept such a steady aim. It truly was beyond him. Yet he showed skills which he had seen Náriel present. Yet, he still found himself in awe.

He had followed, still with the ring on. It didn't give him protection. It couldn't shield him from an attack, spear, sword or arrow, but it kept him invisible and under the radar of the enemy.

When stepping off of the slopes it was like a black wave crashed into them. Those who were still daring to stand so close to the Mountain had turned and started on the offensive. It was something which was easily batted aside by the Elves and the Men. On the other slope Bard too was seemingly running into difficulties. What few of his forces remained were trying their hardest to fight back at the enemies which still stood close.

Bard was about to attack a Goblin only for talons to grip onto it and for it to sail into the air wailing and waving its arms. Lowering his sword slightly he watched as it disappeared before rushing down into the valley.

With combined effort from both the Men and the Elves they managed to cleave and carve their way through the forces which stood in their way within the valley. Beyond the forces the Dwarves, Men and Elves which remained hemmed in had taken to making what seemed to be a last stand. Though they were hugely outnumbered the Eagles did keep appearing to lessen the numbers, each Eagle managed to carry a good few numbers of Orcs or Goblins or even Wargs off and away never to be seen again.

Beorn seemed to make moving through the ranks an easy thing to do. Though in truth, he thrashed and swung his head from side to side, whatever got in his way was clamped onto and crushed in his great jaws. Every so often he stood on his hind legs and swiped with his paws to knock something aside. One slash from his paw was enough to tear a Goblin apart. In all honesty, it was enough tear anything apart. So far nothing seemed to be able to withstand his claws.

“A pathway!” It was Kíli who noticed that Beorn had managed to create a pathway through the forces. Whether he intended to do this or not was not a known thing, but it was something which they all took to advantage and rushed forwards. Regrouping would be the best advantage than being scattered within different parts of the valley.

Hearing a high pitched scream, as they were running the company were only just conscious of the sounds of padding feet behind them. When a white furred form cut across their escape route they all skidded to a halt and dealt with whatever enemy was close at hand before backing away.

The White Warg looked at them with indifference while barring its teeth and snapping its jaws – oddly enough – at its own kinsmen. Whatever Goblin got too close was bitten and thrown aside. Though the Wargs had seemingly managed to get back within control. This one was on a whole different wavelength to the rest.

Thorin was the first to note that though the White Warg was here, there was no rider. Azog was missing from his seat on the beasts back. He sharply turned and was pushed with a great force. He let out a pained noise as he was sent flying backwards. He skidded through the mud and the fallen forms of the dead. When he came to a stop he straightened up before pushing himself heavily up and readjusting his grip on his weapon he looked towards the Pale Orc who, like usual, stood with a malice filled grin on his face.

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