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A long time back I had published two chapters of this story but due to my studies I had to unpublish it. So I am republishing it and this time I am going to complete it ❤  Please do give this story a chance and a very very Happy Diwali.

Nandini rushed through the lobby of the intimidating building, adjusting her sleeves. She was late in her first day of job and she was so sure either she would get scolded or fired. Both the thoughts made her tensed.

She was a bubbly girl, full of life. Waking up early was like a punishment to her. Even after trying so hard her eyes betrayed her this morning too and just because of that she had to skip her breakfast.

She mumbled few curses under her breath as she waited for the elevator door to open. "Oh come on come on." She impatiently tapped her foot. For a second, she thought of teleporting but the next second she dumped the idea.

She was a vampire. She had a petite figure but you can't judge a book by it's cover, she had a strength of a gigantic elephant or even more than it. She could teleport from one place to other in less than a second which very few could do. Because of her uniqueness she wasn't able to live peacefully in her clan, so she was in hiding.

However she enjoyed living alone away from her clan. She could enjoy her life and live it as she wanted. So she loved it.

She survived on capsule, which acted as a substitute of blood. She made the capsule herself from medicinal herbs and few other items, so it'd never been a problem for her.

She entered the elevator and pressed for the fifteenth floor. But before the elevator could start its ascent, the elevator door opened again and a man entered.

The first thing she noticed was his height which was unusually tall at least for her. He had a handsome face and a well built body which could woo any girl but that wasn't enough to woo Nandini Murthy. She herself was a geek after all.

She checked her watch and she was already ten minutes late. Cursing herself, she impatiently waited for the elevator to ascent and when it did, she suddenly felt weak and the smell of the man's blood attracted. Blood Blood. Nandini unconsciously bend towards that man and raised her heels a bit to get access to his neck. The man could feel her breath fanning against his neck, sending jitters down his spine.

His mind went numb and unconsciously he too ended up holding Nandini's waist, preventing her from losing her balance. Their eyes closed, their breaths ragged and their bodies inches away from each other.

But right then the elevator door dinged open in the ninth floor and they yanked apart. A girl entered and pressed the nineteenth floor.

"Hey Manik." Soha wished the man as soon as she entered and Manik just plastered a fake smile and greeted back.

Shit What was I going to do? Nandini cursed herself under her breath. I must have gone out of my mind due to my missed breakfast.

Nandini searched her bag and took out a capsule. She immediately stuffed it in her mouth and it gave her a bit relief.

What just happened and why was the girl acting like that? Manik was confused.

Nandini focus. You are here for work. Nandini thought and pouted, heaving a sharp breath and this caught the attention of Manik. He found her expression cute and he couldn't help but stare at her.

The elevator finally ascend. Nandini impatiently waited for the fifteenth floor , her expression changing from time to time and all this was noticed by Manik.

Soha tried gaining his attention but all his attention was focused on Nandini. At one point she even threw herself on him and Nandini felt like vomiting on seeing her cheap tricks.

"Soha stay in your limits. Don't forget I am your boss." Manik warned, pushing her away.

"Oh come on Manik my father can take over this company if he wants. And in the future we are going to marry anyway." Soha said, tracing her hand through the hem of his coat which he jerked away.

"I am tolerating you just because of your dad as he asked me to." Manik rolled his eyes. "Don't test my patience. You know what I am capable of doing."

This girl is such a pain. Nandini thought tapping her foot continuously trying to divert her mind. As soon as the elevator dinged, Nandini sighed stepping out of the elevator, she rushed towards the reception.
"Hi Nandini Murthy, the newly recruited PA." Nandini said to the receptionist.

"You are late." The receptionist informed something that she already knew.

"This won't happen again."

"It better not." The receptionist said, handing her some files and papers. "But however you are lucky. Boss had an urgent meeting so he hasn't arrived yet. So you may check his schedule till then."

Nandini sighed in relief as a big smile played on her lips. Right then Manik entered the office and the receptionist stood up and greeted him.

Is he my boss? Isn't he too young to be the CEO? Nandini thought to herself. Oh yeah it's a game developing company after all and youngster are more interested in such things. He seems like a good person but after the elevator incident, I don't know how he is going to react.

"Miss Nandini. Boss wants to see you." The receptionist informed, snapping her out of her thoughts and that was when Nandini realized Manik had already left.

Adjusting the files in her hand, Nandini knocked on the door nervously. She had never felt nervous. Was it because of the elevator incident?

"Come in." She heard him say and she slightly opened the door, letting herself in.

His cabin was pitch black with white marbled furniture. It was simple yet it looked so attractive.

"Good morning sir." She wished with her ever so cheerful smile and Manik could feel his heart flutter. However the nervousness in her face didn't go unnoticed by Manik.

What's wrong with you Manik? Manik mentally scolded himself.

"Good morning Miss-" Manik paused."Your name?" Manik asked. Manik knew her name and yet he felt like asking it.

"Nandini. Nandini Murthy but generally people call me Nandu or Nanz. I love being called any from these two but I mostly prefer-" Nandini choked on her words, biting her lower lips when she realized she spoke more than needed in nervousness. She chatted a lot and often this landed her in a big trouble, especially when she was nervous.

"Miss Murthy only specific answers from next time." Manik said it with a straight face but inside he was going all 'aw' on her expression.

Miss Murthy yuck that sounds worst. Nandini thought.

"Get me my coffee Miss Murthy." Manik ordered.

Couldn't he add a please to his sentence? I feel like sucking his blood. Nandini rolled her eyes and sighed. Sucking his blood. What? No Never. I never feel so with any other human. What is wrong with me?

Sometimes love is unexpected. You meet them by fate and it's an instant connection.


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A vampire office romance story.

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