(Anicentricity) locked in a room with a baby

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x_80k607 is absolutely not down for that. She is not going to fade into the background of the city the way her lame as hell parents did. They'd been failures, but not in any particularly interesting or marketable way, from what little she knew about them. Their lameness could certainly factor into her narrative, eventually, as a way to explain her focus and drive, but it would never be the contributing factor to her success. They had dropped her off shortly after her birth and hadn't contacted her since. Grandfather had shown her how to research them in the city archives one day when she was 8. She gave up after ten minutes, beyond bored. There was really nothing compelling about them. Leaving her out of their dry ass narrative was probably the best gift they could give her.

Growing up in the Secure Future Building for Babies is not all fun. It's scary sometimes, seeing kids she's grown up with suddenly display amazing talents - dancing, music, makeup, humor, fashion, buugeng, meme-building. As kids she grew up with head off to build their brands she's left behind to wonder what her path will be, freak out about whether she's ever going to stand out and be someone who matters, someone worth anyone else's attention. But at the same time she knows she was destined for something. She also knows that everyone is trained to think this way, but that doesn't change how true it feels. She is going to figure herself out, one way or another, eventually.

The thing is: you have to try. Everyone has to at least try, this is the central tenet of Wood2. You have to try to engage, try to be interesting, try to create drama and interest. It's your obligation to not just be part of the fabric of the city, but to shape it somehow. If you do, the city takes great care of you. You never want for anything. If you don't, well, the city will still take care of you. There are shelters and protein lines in the Thornes. But why would you want that? Success is community service, so you should always be giving back. Especially if you're rewarded with the things you want. Some of the things x_80k07 wants include:

-to go to school, probably KMS

-to live in one of the nicer buildings, like the Delena or the Biedwin.

-a scene where she wanders into one of the shops at the Arena Mall and the staff greets her by name

-this one silver cuff bracelet by Zosynka that's for people with 1m+ followers

-a scene with her parents coming to her begging her for help, and her being like "Sorry, and are you...?" and then they get dragged off by her handlers.

She didn't know exactly how it was all going to be happen, but she knew she was going to try, and keep trying, until it did.

So: one day, after 10 years of learning and growing and thriving in the Secure Future Building for Babies, one of the Grandfathers wakes her up early in the morning and says it's time. It's Personhood Day.

She dresses, for the last time, in the plain, brand-less clothing given to all the babies. She has no belongings to gather, because she owns nothing. No one to say goodbye to, because everyone is online. Grandfather walks her to the waiting car and they drive to the Tower. It's her first time going to the Tower, her first time in a car. It's good. Smooth, quiet, climate-controlled. She wants more of this.

"Are you nervous my dear?" Grandfather asks, as the city passes by. She sees a Soulfeed and thinks: I'm going to post selfies with my food there some day.

"No," x_80k607 says. "I'm excited."

"Do you know what name you're going to pick?"

"I have an idea."

"Have you told anyone?"

She shakes her head No and Grandfather smiles, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "Good girl. A brand must be personal before it can be anything else. And it needs to be launched properly. Solemnly."

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