✨ Shot 4 ✨

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Hey friends!!

Come with new part of this TS,  So sorry for late update was busy,  Cholly *while grabbing ears*

Hope you all will like this part ♥♥

Recap : Swara is pregnant,  SwaSan throw a party in happiness of Sanskar 's deal and Swara 's pregnancy,  Ragini came to fill swara 's ears but Swara didn't listen to her,  ShomiRagini joined hand to destroy SwaSan.

Inside of party ;

All are celebrating happily,  SwaSan are standing,  just then Swara feel hand on her eyes,  and gets confused,  Sanskar see the person and smiles,  Swara hold hand,  smile brightly while understanding the touch,  turn happily.

Swara : ( happily) dida,  ( dida smiles,  Swara hug her tight,  Dida hug her back while smiling).

Sanskar,  SujRam,  uttara are smiling happily seeing dida after a long time.

Swara : ( broke hug,  happily) Dida,  what a pleasant surprise,  I am so happy ( happiness is clearly visible on her face due to Dida 's arrival,  Sanskar and all smiles seeing her excitement)

Dida  : ( smiles seeing her smiling,  caress her hair,  and plant a kiss on her forehead) how are my Shoru?

Swara : ( smile) I am super happy,  but why you came so late,  you toh completely forgot your Shoru.  ( with pout,  complaint like a kid make Sanskar admire her cuteness).

Dida : ( smile listening her complaint and in fun tone) really,  I forgot or you?  You completely forgot your dida in your husband' s love,  even Sanskar informed me about your pregnancy and invite me.  ( listening about pregnancy,  blush come on Swara 's cheek,  she lowers her eyelashes in shyness make Sanskar chuckles,  Dida smile,  caress her hair) I am so happy Shoru,  my little Shoru is going to become mother,  ( Swara hug her to hide her blush,  dida chuckles and hug her back,  sign Sanskar to come,  Sanskar smile,  come,  and hug her, Dida hug both of them with love,  affection).

SujRam,  Uttara come to meet Dida with smiles.

Sujata : ( with smile) you did great by coming kakisa,  your arrival increase our happiness.

Dida :  ( broke hug, with smile) yes,  of course I had to came,  after all,  my shoru is going to enter in her parenthood,  I am so happy for my both children,  who are going to become parents,  ( SwaSan smiles listening her,  Just then Dida 's gaze shift to shomi,  shomi come toward her about to hug her,  but she just shows her hand to stay away,  Shomi gets shocked and confused by her behavior,  Swasan and all noticed it,  Swara about to ask but interrupted by Dida) Shoru,  I am so tired,  so please show me my room..

Swara nod thinking might she is tired,  Shomi is confused by her behavior, SwaSan take her to room.

In SwaSan 's Room ;

Sanskar is working on laptop,  Swara come out from washroom,  lost in thoughts of Ragini,  see Sanskar who is working on laptop.

Swara : ( Monologue) should I tell Sanskar about Ragini 's arrival,  but what if he again thinks that I consider Ragini more then him,  what if he feel bad,  ( lost in thought what to do,  Sanskar feel her presence and shift gaze from laptop and see her,  find her lost in thoughts).

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