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Dustin and I sit in the basement while Mike helps El get cleaned up, it's quiet until we hear Lucas screaming through Mike's radio
"Dustin, go get Mike!" I tell him...
"Do you remember how he said he was looking for the gate?" Dustin asks taking the radio from me, "Yeah?" Mike says, "What if he found it?" Dustin asks, we can hear Lucas shouting but we can't tell what he's saying,
"What's he saying?" Mike asks frustrated
"I don't know, he's way out of range." Dustin tells him "Lucas, if you can hear us, slow down. We can't understand you." Mike tells him, Lucas starts to shout but it's still unclear, "Mad hen. Does that mean anything to you? Like a codes name or something?" Dustin asks Mike, Mike shakes his head, Lucas is still unclear until a something breaks through static—
"The bad men are coming!" He shouts "Bad men." Mike repeats "Stay here." He tells El and I while him and Dustin rush up stairs, they come back down to the basement and tells us that we need to leave, I jump up shifting into the first thing that comes to mind, we run out of the back door
Mike and Dustin get their bikes, we rush off while Mike and El are getting on the bike we see Papa and a bunch of his people, I swallow hard
"Go, go, go go, go!" Dustin rushes, we get out on the road going as fast as we can, "Lucas, their on us. Cornwallis. Copy. Elm and Cherry!" Dustin tells us, we cut through peoples yards eventually we meet up with Lucas
"Lucas!" Mike says "Where are they?" Lucas asks "I-I don't know." Mike tells him "I think we lost them." Dustin says, but we hear tires screeching, we look to see them coming up behind us, the boys scream as they chase us
My heart pounds in my chest only to get harder when another van pulls out in front of us, Dustin screams, but when the van starts getting closer it flips and lands behind us blocking the rest of the bad men, the boys look at each other shocked into silence.

We stop and I help El off of Mikes bike
"Holy... holy shit! Did... did you see what she did to that van?" Dustin asks "No, Dustin, we missed it." Mike says sarcastically, "I mean that was..." Dustin trails off "Awesome. It was awesome." Lucas says, he walks over and kneels in front of El
"Everything I said about you being a traitor and stuff... I was wrong. I'm sorry." Lucas apologize putting his hand on her shoulder, "Friends... friends don't lie. I'm sorry, too." El tells him "Me too." Mike says sticking his hand out Lucas shakes it, I smile watching them, happy that their getting along...
We sit on the ground around a map Lucas made out of pieces of wood
"This is Randolph Road, right here. The fence starts here, and goes all the way around. And this is the lab right here." Lucas says placing a soda can down in the middle of the wood, "The gate's gotta be in there somewhere. It's gotta be." Lucas tells us "Well, who owns Hawkin's Lab?" Dustin asks "The sign says 'Department of Energery'." Lucas tells him
"Department of Energy? What do you think that means?" Dustin asks "It means government. Military." Mike answers, I nod along with him, "The why does it say 'Energy'?" "Just trust me, Alright? It's military. My dad's told me before." Mike tells Dustin
"Mike's right. There's soldiers out front." Lucas says backing Mike up, "Do they make, like, lightbulbs or something?" Dustin asks, "No, weapons... to fight the Russians, and commies and stuff." Mike says "Weapons." Lucas says, the boys look over at El and me, Dustin gasps
"Oh, Jesus, this is bad." Dustin says "Really bad. The place is like a fortress." Lucas informs them, "Well, what do we do?" Dustin asks "I don't know, but we can't go home. We're fugitives now." Mike tells them "G-guy's. Do you hear that?" Dustin stutters
We listen and hear a helicopter approaching, looking up we see it coming straight torwards us
"Shit!" I cuss, I help the boys hide their bikes, before ushering them into a old school bus, we try to catch our breath but the fast pace of my heart makes it hard...
We've been sitting in the bus for a while but the helicopter is still hovering, I sigh rubbing my face trying to think of a way out, but they all end in us being caught
"Mike, are you there? Mike?" I look over at the boys, "You guys hear that?" Dustin asks "Mike, it's me, Nancy." The voice says, Mike grabs his bag and digs his radio out, "Mike, are you there? Answer. Mike, we need you to answer." Nancy says, Mike holds the radio up to his ear
"Is that your sister?" Lucas asks "This is an emergency, Mike. Do you copy?" She asks "Okay, this is really weird." Dustin points out, Lucas goes to take the radio, but Mike snatches it back, "Don't answer." Mike tells him "She said it was an emergency." Lucas argues
"What if it's a trick?" Mike asks "It's your sister!" "What if the bad people kidnapped her?" Mike asks Lucas "What if they're forcing her to say this?" I look at Mike tore between the options, "I need you to answer." Nancy says "It's like Lando Calriddian. Don't answer." Dustin tells him
"We need to know that you're there, Mike." Nancy says "Listen, kids, this is the Chief. If you're there, pick up. We know you're in trouble and we know about the girl." Hopper says my eyebrows frown together, "Why is she with the chief?" Lucas asks
"How the hell does her know about..." Dusitn trails off looking over at El, "We can protect you, we can help you, but you gotta pick up. Are you there? Do you copy? Over." Hopper asks, Mike looks at us, "Mike." He looks at me, "Answer." He nods and takes a breath
"Yeah, I copy. It's Mike. I'm here. We're here." He says.

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