Sneak Peak

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*Izuku's P.O.V.*

Today is the first day I walk down UA Highschool's halls as a student!!

This is easily one of the best days of my life!-

*Writer's P.O.V.* (I warned you)

Blah, Blah, Blah. Let's skip to the fun part, Shall we?

*Izuku's P.O.V.*

I heard the murmurs of an argument as I curiously entered my new classroom...

"Get your feet off the desk..." A black/blue haired male with glasses protested.

I turned my head to who he was scolding and saw...

"Kacchan?" My nickname for him slipped passed my lips in the form of a shocked whisper as I stare at my boyfriend with confused eyes.


That's all you get for now! 




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