Shot 3

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Hey friends!

Come with new shot

In SwaSan 's Mansion ;

SwaSan come while holding each other,  gets surprised seeing SujRam,  Uttaara looking at them happily,  come to them.

Sujata : ( happily) Congratulations my Son,  I am proud of you,  today you made me and your papa proud.

Ram : ( with proud smile) Yes beta,  I am so happy by your success,  today you again proved your dedication and passion toward your work,  God bless you.

Sanskar smiles listening them, and bend down to take their blessing,  SujRam give them blessing,  Uttara also congrats Sanskar, Sanskar side hug her,  Just then Sujata notice something,  she see Swara 's face pale,    gets worried about her health.

Sujata : ( cups her face being concerned) Swara,  beta what happened? Why are you looking so pale?

Swara : ( smiles faintly) Mom,  I am fine don't worry.

Sanskar : ( glare at her) no mom,  she is not fine,  she again had stomach pain.

SujRam,  Uttara gets worried listening it.

Sujata : ( concerned) what,  we should meet doctor.

Sanskar : ( normally) mom,  we are coming from doctor only,  he did her test,  reports will come in night, mom Swara needs rest,  so we are going in our room.

SujRam nods,  Sanskar hold her hand to support her and  they both go in their Room..

In SwaSan 's Room;

Sanskar come out from washroom after change in his blue T-shirt,  white track pant,  gets shocked seeing room empty and call Swara,  just then feel soft touch on his waist,  smile recognize this touch of his beautiful wife,  Swara is holding his waist while putting head on his back Looking at him lovingly yet cutely,  Sanskar smiles at her act.

Sanskar : ( lovingly) Princess,  what happened?

Swara : ( lovingly) loving my husband,  do you have any problem ( tight grip on his waist lovingly,  Sanskar smiles listening her reply,  shook head unbelievably).

Sanskar turn looks at Swara who is already looking at him lovingly,  he admire her cuteness,  the way she looks at him always make him admire her,  he smiles,  and lock her hair strands behind her ear,  kiss on her cheek,  she close eyes feeling his love on her.

Sanskar : ( polite tone) come princess,  let's sleep,  you need rest.

Swara : ( opens eyes instantly listening his statement in astonishment) What? Rest? No way ( caress his face with finger sensually) night is not for rest Mr husband ( make Sanskar 's eyes widened at her bold statement).

Sanskar : ( compose himself thinking about her health) no princess,  you are not well,  you need rest.

Swara : ( pulls him through collar) no way,  today no will rest,  come na Sanskar,  let's do something rocking,  'Aaj kuch tufaani karte hai'. ( naughtily).

Sanskar 's eyes widened in astonishment in shock listening her bold statement and act.

Sanskar : ( check her forehead,  Swara make frown at his act) what happened to you? Are you alright naa?

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