Chapter 7: Danger [/]

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"Is there something the matter? Sir?" Anaeya asked, glancing at Mr

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"Is there something the matter? Sir?" Anaeya asked, glancing at Mr. Sean. Her eyes widened when she saw her sister seated opposite of his boss. "Why is she here?"

Rayna shrugged, claiming to be confused as well. "He sent someone to pick me from the university," her sister mouthed. Anaeya nodded.

"Anaeya, please sit."

The girl nodded and complied. Something about the expression on his face made her stomach tighten into knots.

"I was on the phone with your uncle an hour ago. Something happened in the Mexico borders today. Something bad."

It was so silent at first and then almost immediately both sisters jumped from their seats and began firing questions at the man.

"Is mami alright?"

"What about Dayana?"

"Que pasa?"

"Don't just keep quiet! Tell us what happened?"

"Where is Dayana and mom?"

"What did Uncle Thomas said?"

"Are they safe?"

But the man lifted a hand, signalling them both to be silent as he had a serious expression on.

They sank back into their seats. Beneath the desk, Rayna had already reached for Anaeya's hand and was gripping it like her life depended on it.

"Dayana is safe," he said, smiling sadly. "There was a mass shooting in the airport and your mother was caught between it. She saved your sister and some other youngsters but unfortu-"

Before he could finish, Rayna started sobbing. The younger sister buried herself into Anaeya's arms and cried out in devastation.

Anaeya however didn't react but continued staring at her boss with a blank expression. The only words that she could say were, "Where's Dayana?"

"With Thomas. He boarded a flight to Mexico right after they declared it was safe. He already brought her back to San Francisco. She's safe now and he's already working on the immigration papers. I have already booked a flight for both of you to San Francisco tonight."

"Thank you, sir," Anaeya replied, like a robot. She stood up, clutching Rayna in her arms as they left the room.

"Hey, Anaeya!" It was Sylvia. She had a smile plastered on her face but it disappeared immediately when she noticed Rayna. "I was wonde- is something wrong? What's going on?"

Instead of replying, Anaeya passed Rayna to Sylvia. "Could you watch her for a bit? I need to go to the washroom."


Just like that, Anaeya left. She ignored her friend's call for her and walked ahead, shaking off the stares of passerbys. Even Damien was suprised when she didn't greet him.

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