Chapter 10: Nightmares [/]

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He walked out of his room, carrying his phone in one hand

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He walked out of his room, carrying his phone in one hand. Jaime had texted him to meet outside that evening and he was just waiting till everyone fell asleep, including Erick.

He was about to leave but stopped outside of Anaeya's room. Her door was slightly open and he could see a figure sitting on the bed.

"Hola!" Christopher said, pushing the door open gently. The girl looked up from her phone and smiled. "Mi amor, what are you doing up late? We have a plane to catch tomorrow morning."

"I can't sleep."

Christopher looked at her with raised eyebrows, joining her on the bed. "Is it the weather? Are you scared?"

Anaeya shook her head and said, "I just can't sleep." She placed her phone on the bedside table and reached out for his hand. He gave it to her, watching as she began drawing random shapes on his palm. "After what happened today.. there's just too much thinking to do."

She tilted her head up, her eyes meeting his as she wrote 'Gracias' on his skin. Her touch sent shivers down his spine and he quickly shook it off.

"I understand. Its not easy being the eldest," he said, turning her hand over so that he was stroking her hand instead. She hummed in response, staring into the distance. "I like the cold weather."

"Mhmm, you have an impressive collection of sweaters and jackets," Anaeya said, unconsciously tucking her hair behind her ear. "I mean, I check your status updates so yea.. whatever, forget it.."

"You check my status?" he said, bewildered.

"Yes," she said. Her eyes widened when she realized what she said. "Ay dios mio! No, I mean, I check everyone's status. Not you only."

He laughed. "How long have you been a fan?"

"Befo- actually, a long time already," she said, softly. He nodded, prompting her to continue. "I began watching La Banda before I came to San Francisco and continued from there."

"You're very loyal. I mean, that's a long time," he complimented. With narrowed eyes, he glanced at her and added, "Who's your favourite singer in the band?"

Anaeya covered her face with her palms, muttering curses. "This is not happening now," she mumbled. "For f*** sake."

"Anaeya, you okay?" he asked, looking at her worriedly. She didn't reply. "Wait, are.. are you crying?" He shifted closer to her, wiping the tears on her face with his palms. "Shssh.. stop crying, I just met one of the most loyal fan who followed me since La Banda."

Suddenly, she quirked a sad smile at him.

"What is it?" Christopher questioned, growing more concerned. She wasn't about to have a breakdown now, right? "Did I do something? What did I do wrong?"

"Do you actually fix shoes for free?" she muttered, softly.


"Before La Banda, do you actually fix shoes for free or is it just for the girl?" Anaeya repeated, laughing. He blinked, trying to piece the puzzle. "Because you sure know how to flirt."

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