Survivors- The Pack OT6 Parts 1- 3

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Preston's P.O.V.

"Run! RUN PRESTON!!! RUN!!!" I bolted from my position on the edge of the cliff, my eyes finding the heavy cloud that was just behind me. I could hear the pounding rain that would no doubt kill me if it caught up to me so I sprinted as fast as I could.

I could see the shelter in front of me, the dugout in the side of the hill with the metal door covering the entrance and the three boy crouching just inside it, yelling at me to run.

I made it, just before the rain hit the outside of the dugout. Rob slammed the door shut and bolted it from the inside, carrying a small burning straw that cast flickering light over the scared faces with him. He sat down beside me.

"That was a close one Preston." I shrugged. There had been close calls before and this was nothing new, at least to me anyway.

Looking around the others, I sighed. Vikk and Lachlan were curled up at the back of the bunker with a pile of nuts and edible leaves that we had gathered for time when we couldn't go outside. They were shelling the nuts, piling them up beside them.

Jerome was storing the dried meat in a make shift container that Rob had built and Mitch was cleaning out weapons and sharpening anything that he could. We kept ourselves busy while we couldn't go outside, keeping our mind off what was to come.

With the light of the straw I sat myself down by Mitch, getting my hands busy by sharpening the knifes and arrow tips of the weapons we had, which we relied on to survive.

Rob kept his own hands busy by carving a piece of wood with a knife into the shape of animals we'd seen while out hunting, including the unusual ones. The unusual ones included a two headed deer, several animals like boars that had multiple extra limbs and bugs with extra spots and appendages.

We didn't like to have any fire in the room other than our straw when we were shut in so we didn't smoke ourselves out, so there was barely any light.

Along with that we had to ration the limited water that we had to make it last at least 2 weeks, the longest time we had been in lock down and unable to drink from the streams because of the acid, and that was not a fun time. We had barely made it through that time and since then we had focused on collecting as much water as we could when we could.

Vikk threw a handful of nuts at me and Mitch and I caught most of them, stuffing them into my mouth. I grinned at him.

"Thanks Vikky." He nodded, turning back to Lachlan.

Picking up another handmade silver knife and a stone I turned back to my job, wondering how long we would be stuck inside for this time.


3 days. It was longer than usual but for once I was happy to be back outside where I could breathe the fresh air. Our first task was to restock our supplies for the next time that we were stuck inside and also for winter, which was approaching fast.

Lachlan, Vikk and Rob were the ones that stayed close to home and were probably the most critical for our survival because we didn't manage to get meat everyday.

They gathered water, nuts and berries and any plants that had medicinal properties as well as things to make our life easier. Containers to hold the water were few and far between and whenever we came across them while exploring or hunting we brought them back with us.

The morning after we finally got out of that damn cave I went with Lachlan, Vikk and Rob up to the mountain stream, about a half hour trek away from home, where we could rely on the water and filled our baskets and barrels again.

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