Mental Issues

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Mental Issues

-Chapter one -

"Experiment 199-233 in action for curing the ill minded." An old voice box said in an abandon hospital.

Kimberley's life was hard she never fit in and her family was known for bad reasons alone. She stood to herself not trying to get in any ones way. The only friend she had was a local cop the arrested her dad for grand theft. One morning she woke to her father's yells. Rushing to her father's aid her father walked up and slapped her with great force. Shaken in fear her father rampaged around the living room smashing everything in his path while, yelling in anger for his drug fix.

Leaving the house Kimberley put her hood over her head while, storming down the damp alley ways. Stopping near a dump area she sat down and took out a small leather kit holding razors of all shapes and sizes. Tears began to run down her face but, sickly she smiled at the razors as she took one out and placed it on her forearm and began to cut downward. Biting down on her lip she quickly got done and wrapped it up with an ace band she had in her pocket. Before she could leave a cloak man stuck a needle in to her neck making her pass out. Dragging her to a rusted van the cloak man said a few prayers and locked her in.

Waking up she looked around repeatedly until she notice that she was in a hospital bed. Her body drench in cold sweat, she slowly stood up until the lights cut off and the windows became covered with a steel gate. She rushed towards the door until a voice stopped her, by the sound of it; it came from a speaker in the hospital.

"Hello Ms. Kimberley Rampo how is your day?" the speaker said with an echo.

"Why am I? Why am I here?" Kimberley yelled while trying to open the lock door.

"My name is Dr. Shayne Williams and I' am here to help you and the others with your sicknesses. My experiment will help you all but; it may come with a price, you see all of you are our test rats. Now here are the rules, one there are a few of our experiments of ours lurking around to kill you. Rule two there are rooms with three color lights red means food, blue rest, and yellow is medical care. Also in these rooms our little works of art can't kill you so if you last the next 48 hours you will be cured, and make you see what true sickness is. Enjoy Kimberley, JOSÉ , Lisa, and Nick. Good luck." The speaker cut off after explaining the situation.

Her heart drop in fear as a blue light came on in her room. The sound of her door unlocking made her feel trapped; knowing what will happen if she ran to the wrong person. Peering out the side of her door all she saw was a dark and damp hospital. Slamming the door she began to pray for help. She did her hair up into a ponytail and began to look through the cabinets for anything of use. In a small cabinet beside her bed she found a razor blade with a note saying, "Here something you use very well." Anger and tears welled up inside of her as she ripped the note into pieces.

Leaving the room she tip-toed her way down the hallway with the razor in hand. Once she reached the elevator, for a second after she smiled the elevator pinged and opened slowly. A man in hospital gown soon walked out his fingers scratching vigorously at his scalp, Kimberly noticed that the man's finger tips were nothing but bone and blood and the side he was scratching at had been torn away. Panicking she began to run back to her room, the man started to laugh in a creepy hyena-like way while chasing her. The man began to scratch the side of his head harder and laugh louder. Reaching the room she kicked the door shut and stood there until the laughing was gone, peering once again outside she saw a cop badly hurt and limping from another hallway. Going to greet him, he stopped in his tracks and pulled out his pointed it at her with his unsteady hands.

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