200 Facts on Niall Horan

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Some facts on the irish cutie niall!! Enjoy!!

1. His full name is Niall James Horan

2. His birthday is september 13th 1993

3. "After Niall met Justin Bieber i had to take him outside so he could scream how happy he was." Harry

4. Niall avoids talking in interviews because he swears too much and gets the whole band in trouble

5. Niall would date a fan

6. "i got confused while singing WMYB as i couldnt remeber how many times i had to sing 'na'" Niall (30 times!)

7. Niall once had a dream that there was no food left on earth and he woke up crying

8. Niall says he feels like crying when fans scream at him

9. Niall isnt allowed to do the supermart shopping because he buys too much food

10. Nialls half eaten vegimite toast sold on ebay for $99,999

11. "If the world ended in 10 seconds whats the last thing you would do?" "Fart"

12. Niall has always been small for his age but never got bullied for it because he tried to be friendly with everyone

13. Before watching the WMYB video for the first time Niall said, "Wait! I need to get food pause it!"

14. His star sign is Virgo

15. He was born in Westmeath Mullingar Ireland

16. Mom: Maura Dad: Bobby Brother: Greg

17. Hair: Blonde (Natural brunette

18. Eyes: Blue

19. Height: 5'7"

20. Best Friends: Sean, Scott, Dilan, and Brad

21. Schools: St Mary CBS, Colaiste, Mhuire, Mullingar

22. Current Instrument: Guitar

23. Celebrity Crushes: Demi Lovato, Cheryl Cole

24. Pet: A cat names Jess

25. Phone: IPhone and  Blackberry

26. First memory: Family vaca in New York when he was 4

27. First Insrument: Recorder

28: First Love: Singing

29. First kiss: At age 11

30. First Girlfriend: At age 13

31. First Pet: Two goldfish named Tom and Jerry

32. First X Factor Audition Song: So Sick by Ne-Yo

33. Favorite School Subject: French

34. Favorite Sport: Football

35. Favorite Bands: The Script, The Coronas, The Eagles, The Kooks, The Doors, Thin Lizzy

36. Favorite Boy Bands: Take That and Westlife

37. Favorite Song: Fly Me To The Moon, by Frank Sinatra

38. Favorite X Factor Guest: Michael Buble

39: Favorite Male Singer: Justin Bieber

40. Favorite Female Singer: Cheryl Cole

41. Favortie TV Show: Two and A Half Men

42. Favorite Movies: Grease, The Godfather, Godfellas

43. Favorite Actor: Liam Nelson

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