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SIKE BITCHES. IM BACK. I just reread his story and realized I've got some good storylines here. I'll try to continue it.

We got back to my house at about 9:30. When we got there, I pushed Beverly ahead and told her to wait in my room. It was dark and I waited because I knew he'd show up and it was better if he did it when I wasn't in front of Beverly. "What time is it?" I heard a dry voice and jumped. It was my mother. "9:30." I answered. "Can you get me some water— and my pills with some food or something?" She asked me. "Yeah... sure." I stood up and walked to the kitchen and got her a piece of bread, some water, and a pill. When I got back, the couch was empty. "Mom...?" I looked around the house, checking all the rooms. Finally, I walked into my bedroom and saw Beverly sitting on the bed next to my mother. "Oh! Hey Mom... I got you the— the pill and the food." She smiled. "Thanks sweetie. Your friend here was just telling me about your boyfriend." I chuckled. "Which one?" They both laughed. "Bill Denbrough. His mother was so nice after Mila. I feel sorry we never returned the kindness after what happen to little Georgie." She said with a small yawn. "What did happen to Georgie?" I asked quietly. "Well— no one really knows. But... shoot I shouldn't say this, but your father was talking to the Denbrough's neighbors— the Jasinski's— and they said they saw blood in the streets by the sewers and they heard screaming too... but when they came outside, there was nothing there." She sighed and then stood up. "But that's just what they said. Laura Jasinski is a gossip. I don't ever really believe a word she says." My mother walked out the door and stood in the hallway. She glanced at a picture of me, Mila, and Donny from when we were little and she turned back to us. "Listen girls, I love and miss Mila more than anyone, but you need to understand that she's gone. And Georgie is too. I don't want you getting in trouble this summer because you were somewhere you shouldn't have been. I don't want either of your faces ending up in the news, okay?" We both nodded. "Yeah, Mom. I understand." She nodded and walked slowly over to her room. "Don't stay up too late." She said last second before shutting the door.

Bev and I sat in silence for a few minutes before I heard the front door open. "I think that's my dad." I knew that if my brother would probably be out all night. Either that or he'd kill me in my sleep...

A knock at the bedroom door shook me out of my trance. My dad poked his head in. "I got ice cream and a blockbuster movie." I raised my eyebrows. "What movie?" He shrugged. "Some romantic comedy. It's John Hughes though." I loved John Hughes and everyone and their grandmother knew it. I hastily grabbed the tape and looked at the cover. "Pretty in Pink! Hell yes!" My Dad sent a glare in my direction. "Sorry, Sorry. Heck yes!" I corrected. He rolled his eyes. "Crazy kids these days. I'll leave you two to it." With that, he walked off going back to his room.

Once we finished the movie, I looked at Beverly. She was asleep, her red hair falling in his face. I stare at her for a moment before turning off the tv and settling into the couch. I covered Beverly with the softer blanket and gave myself the worse one. I didn't live in the White House but if you spent the night you'd be treated as if you were (sorta).

I didn't sleep at all that night. I never really could sleep much. My dreams were infested with the moments Mila had put my life on the line. That time at the quarry was the first time, but definitely not the last.

All of us used to play by the train tracks. One time, a train was coming and Mila whispered something to Donny. He'd furrowed his eyebrows in confusion whispered something back. A grin spread wide across her face. I went to step off of the tracks but Mila stopped me. She said, "I bet a million dollars you can't jump away from the train just in time for it to pass by." I thought about it for a second, then it dawned on me... she wanted me to stand there until the train came, then jump away last second. It was dangerous. She'd obviously gotten the idea from Stand By Me.

I took the bet. Not because I knew she'd give me a million dollars (I don't really think she would've), but because I wanted to prove something to her.

So I stood there in front of the train. When I saw it coming with my own eyes, it was like I couldn't move. I couldn't think either. I fell to the ground and laid flat so that the train would pass over me.

My heart was beating so fast I thought I'd die. Suddenly I felt something scrape my forehead, and I felt blood drop down my face. Once the train passed I took a deep breath. And that's when I heard it, Mila was laughing. Donny yelled when he saw my face and there were tears in his eyes. Mila didn't look worried or even slightly concerned. As if she was trying to get me to kill myself...

In the end I had to go to the ER. We told our parents I had fallen and scraped my face while climbing a tree. They believed it. They always did when it came to Mila. She got away with everything.

I touched the small indent on my forehead where it'd scarred. Every time I looked into a mirror I saw that scar and I remembered that day.

And that's why I never sleep at night. Mila Jennings was someone who terrified me. Sorry— Mila Jennings is someone who terrifies me.

When she was alive, I never even wanted to be in the same room together. And now that she's dead... well... sometimes I feel like she's still here.

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