Kissing in the dark

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"I don't want you to see" I cried reaching up towards the sketchbook, "Why I bet they're good" Zayden teased he stayed the night a lot more, Moose will join him sometimes, it's been a few weeks since Jenna has visited. She and Moose talk a lot but not romantically, they like to tease each other back and forth.

Zayden held my book over his head making me reach until my tummy was showing. "Give it!" I huffed making him laugh a little harder than he already was. "Ok, ok-" I tackled him from jumping off my bed and once he fell to the floor he dropped the book letting it fall open. "Don't look" I order but he turned his head instinctively, "hey is that me?" he sat up as I grabbed and closed it a blush forcing its way onto my cheeks. "No" I whispered he smirked and leaned into my personal bubble "really that what other handsome devils with tattoos are you drawing then?" He said false jealous in his words. "N-no one" I admitted letting him look in the book, he just opened to the page of him.

It was his tattoos and all in a knights armor and a sword slaying a dragon.

It felt like I was going to pass out, "I-I'm sorry I didn't ask you" I apologized but he just grabbed my arm out from under me. Since I was looking over him I fell into his lap and he hugged me with joy. "You're too cute Lucas Onward, I love you, you little shit" I felt my heart pump louder, the sound was in my ears and in my chest and mouth. "Love?" I asked my self "oh shit, I'm sorry, I'm always saying things out loud aren't I?" I looked up at him "You love me?" I asked more to him now. He stood up as well looking worried. "Yes, Lucas I do is that ok for me to love you?"

"Yes you can love me," I said making his face light up like someone giving a child a candy bar.

"Thanks for your permission." I nodded, his face glowed under the low light of my lamp, his eyes illuminated and his hair shadowed his face. "Am I allowed to kiss you again Lucas Onward?" He asked walking towards me "I know you don't like sex, but can I kiss you since I'm allowed to love you?" I felt excited, really excited like I was getting a candy bar now, "I'm...s-scared" I confessed.

The lamp was suddenly shut off, "there now you don't have to be" he whispered, I could feel him near me, his body was close to mine and I could smell his cologne. "Are you still scared?" I shook my head just as his hands cupped my face. His rough thumb ran over my lips and he kissed me softly and then to my forehead, and then to my cheek. "Thank you for letting me kiss you," he says his hair touching my face tickling my nose, I scrunched it just as he placed another kiss. I giggled a little, that must've encouraged him.

Because then he grabbed my face and place rapid kisses all over my face leaving me red and flustered.

"Too Cute"

authors note: my ex you to kiss me like that and I miss him, sorry I'm gay, anyway, fun fact

Moose isn't based on sam Winchester no, but my exboyfriend/best friend. look wise not personality though.

sorry for not updating I had a job quit and now looking for a new one. excuse mistakes this was made in five minutes. so it's pretty shit.

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