12.) Unfriendly Ghost

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12.) Unfriendly Ghost

I've had my share of awkward moments. That time one of my old crushes came over to pick up a hat he'd left at my house then asked to use my bathroom. And only after he'd gone did I remember Mom crapped in there and sure enough, she forgot to flush. She had a laughing attack while I freaked out and made sure she told Marco that she'd been the poopetrator—not me.

And of course on Landon's birthday hanging out with Chris's ex, Liliana, and him at the same time had been a bit uncomfortable. But this: sharing AP Psychology with crazy Christina—especially now that Chris is my boyfriend—this awkwardness for sure takes the first-place trophy.

Darkness filled the room, the only light coming from the projector, displaying slides about motivation and emotion. I rubbed my temple to block my view of Christina, sitting only two chairs away on my right. The first day of class I didn't care too much that her presence infested the place because I had somewhat gotten over Chris and by that time, they had already broken up. But now, there's an undeniable tension every time I sit in this classroom. And on days like this, when Melissa—the wall in between us—is absent, I can see every peek Christina makes at me from my peripherals and it's super annoying. She so isn't over Chris and I bet she knows I'm now his girl.

Lanky, semi-hunched, Dr. Calmer meandered to the wall by the back door and flipped the switch, blinding my eyes with the bright lights. "All right folks, take your five-minute break."

I peered over my shoulder at Jenna, seated behind me, lifting her hot-pink glasses to rub her eyes.

"Wanna go outside?" I asked.

She smiled. "Sure."

As Christina rose from her desk, I cupped my arm with Jenna's and whisked her outside with me.

She chuckled. "Don't worry, it's so not obvious that you're evading Christina."

"I know she knows about me and Chris," I replied as we walked beneath the trees a safe distance away from the door. "And she doesn't need to hear about our amazing weekend together."

"Ooh, amazing, huh?" Jenna poked my belly. "No more Virgin Mary?"

I sucked my teeth. "Amazing in like a PG kind of way, thank you very much."

She shook her head. "We'll see how long that lasts."

"I don't plan on losing it anytime soon."

Christina walked our way.

I squeezed closer to Jenna. "Oh no."

She looked around. "What?"

"Christina's coming."

Jenna spoke swiftly. "So our band got a standing ovation at the concert last Sunday."

"Really?" I played along with the random subject change. "That's great!"