The bombing

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Willow's Pov
Finally, we were at the Bermuda Triangle, supposedly a German U-boat with secret battle plans had sunk here two weeks ago and as the Allies top undersea adventurers, well... only undersea adventurers, my brother and I had been sent to find them.

By the way when Wilbert says something he's not actually saying anything he has a portable telegraph machine because he mute which is also used for long distance communication.

Interrupting my train of though Wilbert said "We're here." This caused me to fall out of my bed onto the floor. Glaring at him as I rubbed my sore and bruised back I asked. "Do you do that on purpose?" "Do what?" " Ya know that thing where you silently walk over to me and say a message in my ear?"
As I was explaining the sub luched to the side and Wilbert rushed away to the control and was looking at the screen. "Will we may have a huge problem get in here!" Naturally I rushed in there and, tripped on nothing like usual. "Now is not the time to laugh at you falling over again, get over here!"
Just to be safe I grabbed my gun, which is a specialized harpoon pistol I had made myself. Just incase the ship was sinking I also strapped on my custom made diving suit that Wil had made for me. Grabbing extra nitrox containers I rushed to the control room to see... A NUKE being launched! "But those were supposed to be theoretical and a last resort!" I exclaimed "No, they said that they would give us 3 weeks to find the plan and its only been eighteen hours." Why would they lie to us? "Wait, идиотский remember when we read up on the Bermuda triangle and found stories of the time bubble, where an hour in the bubble is a 6th of a week outside." "But, how would that be possible? That would require some serious tech that we are nowhere near having." As we were talking neither of us noticed the nukes starting to fall until they malfunctioned and started to explode or their courses changed. "What's wrong with them?" I questioned my brother. "I don't know." He said quietly I was about to start asking more when I noticed a nuke coming towards the Bermuda Triangle, the opposite side but still we should probably leave voicing my thoughts Wilbert agreed " True, we should probably leave to avoid the radiation." As we turned on the engine our ship shook as if there was an earthquake on board as we struggled to regain our balance I tripped and fell backwards into wilbert causing both of us to hit the cold metal of our sub. As the world started to go black I say enormous waves of water rising from the ocean where the nuke landed.
идиотский means idiotic if you would like to see more please like share and comment. See you dudes and dudettes next time.

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