Chapter 15: The Breakout

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Luckily, I did not work the next day. I preferred it that way, so I would spend the day treating patients and living a lie any longer than I had to. I came to Arkham that night with a large briefcase. No one asked what my suspicious bag contained because I was never someone to be suspicious of. When I got back to my office I unzipped the bag to reveal five major assault weapons that I had acquired from Selena's connections. Once again, living with two girls who practically ran the black market, had it's perks. I closed the bag again and made my way up to the Joker's cell. The guards looked at me in question. "What have you got there Dr. Quinzel?" One of them asked. I smiled at him in response. "The Joker asked for more blueprints as a reward for good behavior, so I am just delivering it to him." I lied straight through my teeth, but somehow they believed me and permitted me to enter his cell. The cells in Gotham were different than an average prison cell, instead of see through bars there was a small door with a window where the guards can check on patients. I used this to my advantage and once I entered his cell, I placed the bag in the far right corner that I knew was not visible from the door. The Joker was there waiting for me, a proud expression on his face as he approached me in his shackles. "I must say Doctor, I'm impressed..." He praised, stepping closer to me. I took out a copy of the keys to his handcuffs, a little surprise that I thought he would find helpful. His smile grew bigger as I undid the chains around his hands and feet. "Did I do good, Mr. J?" I asked him and a growl escaped his throat before he pressed me against the wall. He attacked my lips with harsh kisses, his hands finding my backside and lifting me so that my legs were wrapped around his hips. I was in complete bliss as he moved his abuse to my neck, leaving hickeys and bite marks there. I gasped and attempted to squirm out of his grasp in response to the slight pain, but his strong arms held me in place. And oddly, that made it feel so much better. There was a loud knock at the cell door that stilled our movements. "Are you alright in there Doctor?" A guard asked. "Yes I'm fine, I'll be out in a second!" I responded as the Joker slowly let me down to my feet. I was still completely breathless from his kiss and I stared up into his familiar eyes. "You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that to you Doctor... And oh, if we had more time..." He suggested and I felt myself become mush in front of him. He motioned to the door, stepping back from me. "Go now, and wait as I told you. I'll come find you." He ordered and I nodded, moving my hair so it would cover the bruises now apparent on my neck as I exited the cell. I smiled to the guards and gave them a good report and then quickly made my way down the elevator and back to my office. I knew that everything was about to change in an instant, and I hid underneath my desk so I didn't have to witness the commotion. Suddenly there it was. Pop pop pop. And then screaming. Then there were more gunshots, multiple happening at once and I assumed that the Joker had freed his prison allies who were helping him escape. I heard running and shouting throughout the building, and I jumped as the glass of my office window was shattered by a bullet. I stayed under my desk, covering my ears in an attempt to drown out the terror of my co-workers. I had signed their death sentence by giving the Joker those guns. How could I be so selfish? After about half an hour of chaos, it finally died down. I could hear the faint sound of the police approaching the scene and I began to worry. I got up from my desk, carefully stepping over broken glass to get to my door. Upon opening it I was horrified at the sight before me. Doctors, nurses, and guards littered the floor. Even some patients couldn't escape the raid of bullets. I silently hoped that Arnold and Jervis had made it out okay. I wandered the halls, looking for any sign of my husband. "J?... Where are you?" I called out into the eerie building. Warning lights were flashing throughout the building, a signal that Arkham had been overthrown. I continued to wander from hall to hall, level to level, until I stumbled upon something. A man in a giant teddy bear mask with a bat in his hand was standing in the hallway. I attempted to move along quietly but alas I stepped on a shard of glass. The masked man turned to me, his head tilting. I almost mimicked the action in response before he bolted at me. I sprinted in the opposite direction, my heart pounding almost as loud as the footsteps behind me. "J!!! Help me!" I called out once again, hoping he was somewhere near to call off his deranged ally. I was too busy looking behind me as I ran that I didn't notice what was right in front of me. I ran smack into someone, and as I recovered from the impact and was about to pull away, ready to fight another maniac, I realized it was the Joker. I sighed in relief as I embraced him. He placed his hand on the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. I heard another gunshot, and then a thud. I looked behind me briefly to see that he had killed the man who was perusing me. The sirens of the cops were growing louder now. "They're coming... We better go." I told him, grabbing his hand and I moved towards the exit. Then a strange expression washed over his face, one almost of regret. He pulled out the handcuffs I had freed him from and he snapped it over one of my wrists. I looked at him with utter confusion as he locked the other cuff to a pole on the wall. "What are you doing?" I asked him incredulously. "You're not coming with me..." He said simply and I stood there completely blindsided. "What??? You said-" I started but he interrupted me. "I know what I said. But listen to me... This is your lively hood, I'm not going to destroy your life twice. That's why when the police come, your going to tell them that you have no recollection of what happened... We left a few people alive who wouldn't know anything about the truth of our escape so they could back you up." He informed me and I felt so many emotions at once. "So that's how this is going to be?... You're leaving me again?" I hissed at him and he just took a deep breath as he looked me over for a final time. My tear filled eyes met his guilt ridden ones. "Goodbye Doctor." He said sincerely and I knew he was speaking to both Harleen the doctor and Lilly his wife. And with that, he turned around and walked away from me. "No! Get back here you fucking coward! I hate you! I hate you!" I kept saying over and over again, my tears spilled over as my body fell limp against the wall from the weight of my emotions. He had used me to escape, and nothing more. I should have known better than to believe his opinion about our relationship had changed. He still wanted to protect me from his life. But as I sat there on the white cold floors of Arkham Asylum feeling hopeless, I realized something. I was sick and tired of him deciding what was right for me... Hell, he was almost killed because he didn't let me go with him to Ace Chemicals five years ago. But this was my life, and I would chose how I would live it. So I tugged at the handcuffs, gritting my teeth as the metal dug a layer from my skin as I yanked my hand free. I could see blood dripping down my fingertips but I didn't care. I had made my choice, and I chose him. I chose him.


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