Chapter 14: The Plan

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There's no way I would have let myself fall into the same trap, right? I wasn't naive enough to fall for the same man who had completely destroyed me just years before. And yet, somehow it had happened. I began looking forward to my sessions with the Joker, and with each appointment I felt us growing closer. It became natural to be around him again, and it was so easy to talk with him. Sometimes I just wished that we could walk out of Arkham together and return to the life we had before. But I knew that that wasn't possible nor rational. The Joker had an amazing week, which meant he got another reward. It was rare that he ever lost his temper or stepped out of line, as he wouldn't risk his good standing with me. He wouldn't want to loose the game. I could tell he was falling for me too, I could see it in his eyes. The lingered stares that made my cheeks warm up, his smile that threw my stomach into a somersault... Oh man, I had it bad. I checked my appearance in the small window of the door that led to the counseling room, ensuring my lipstick wasn't smudged and that my hair was properly groomed. I shouldn't care about my appearance with him, as he had seen all the different sides of me. But still, there was something new about this connection that I had to him... The pull to him went from an annoyance to a force of gravity that I found little strength to resist. I opened the door to be greeted by a welcoming smile. "I've missed you Doctor..." The Joker said, a gleaming look in his eyes. I felt myself become a little lightheaded as his eyes looked over me, but I quickly sat down and locked my ankles to ground myself. "I missed you too, J... Got any good stories for me?" I promoted him, as it had become normal for him to share with me the drama existing between other inmates. He chuckled lightly, leaning back in his chair. "Of course, Doctor... The Mad Hatter took Arnold's teddy bear. I'm sure you can imagine, Arnold is very devastated. He plans to fight him for it later today." He informed me, and I instinctively leaned in. It was as if he entranced me. I should have reported the news of a premeditated fight to the guards so it could be prevented. But that wasn't important right now. I was too preoccupied looking at my husband across from me. I wasn't sure if it was even right to keep calling him that, as I was unsure of what I was to him. But yet, still I hoped he felt the same way. "You know Doctor, I miss Gotham... The open air, illuminated nights, the world at my finger tips. Sometimes I'd give anything to go back." He voiced suddenly, and I was caught off guard. I seemed to have lost my voice, my brain and heart battling for dominance. "I would take you with me, you know..." He continued, his eyes glaring into mine. I sucked in a breath. "Me?" I said dumbly and he nodded. "I need my girl..." He said and I felt myself melt in my seat. His girl. I was then snapped back into the harsh reality of our situation. "If only there was a way for us to walk out of here..." I said sadly, knowing that I would be fired if anyone was listening in on our conversation. His eyes lit up as a sinister smile spread across his face. "Oh but Doctor, there is... But I'm going to need you to do something for me." He bated me and I took it. "Anything- I mean, yeah..." I responded, hating myself for becoming so sheepish around him. He eyed my reaction, formulating what he was about to say next very carefully. I was hanging on every second before he spoke again. "I need a machine gun." He told me and my eyebrows shot up. I stared at him in disbelief at what I was hearing. "A machine gun?..." I repeated softly and he nodded before he fell into a fit of laughter. I looked around me, my chest becoming tight with fear. This was real. The Joker was plotting his escape from Arkham. This was beyond bad. People could get hurt. But he had narrowed his focus on me, awaiting my answer. "I- I don't know..." I stuttered and he motioned for me to move closer to him. And like the idiot I was, I leaned towards him. "Things will be just like they were before. Just you and me, Doctor." He whispered into my ear and his voice was like honey to my ears. He could make the harshest of orders sound eloquent. "When do you need it?" I asked, and he smirked at me. "I'm going to need you to leave it in my cell tomorrow night. I have some allies here that will assist me in breaking out." He informed me, and I was surprised he wasn't even a little apprehensive about telling me his escape plans.  "What about me? When would I join you?" I asked him. He looked at the ground for a second before looking at me. "Oh I'd never forget you... Hide in your office, and you'll know when it's time Doctor." He finished and I found myself nodding. Our session had come to a close, and he looked me dead in the eyes. "Remember what I said about tomorrow night." He repeated himself and I nodded as the guards came in and escorted him back to his cell. Meanwhile, I was left flabbergasted at the fool that I had become as I was about to drop everything I had worked for to please this man. My hard earned career and life, all at stake in order to grant the Joker his freedom. But no matter how hard I tried to shake off the idea, the possibility of being with my husband again seemed to overpower the rest of my actions. I could pretend all I want that I was a good citizen of Gotham, a psychiatrist. But he and I both knew the truth... It was all a grand facade, an image of who I'd like to be. But I'd never really be that person... I was the queen of crime in Gotham City once. And I could do it again...

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