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Avanindra looked at Salvatore and told him of what Aryan said.

"Sir he is just infatuated with me and I don't even know why," said Salvatore.

"Does it matter? I- I would die better if I leave him in your hands. I would die happily if I could leave him as yours," said Avanindra.

Salvatore was perplexed. He has never ever in his wildest dreams has thought of a marriage and here the offer was. 

"I need to talk to Aryan before you say anything more, sir," said Salvatore.

Avanindra nodded.


Aryan was not all shocked when his door was slammed open and Salvatore rushed in, his face furious. Aryan sat back, chill as a cucumber and that made Salvatore look at him a bit weirdly.

"What are you playing at? Are you a high school girl now! You fuck a guy and wants to marry him?" asked Salvatore.

"Well, I like a guy and I would 'like' to marry him. No one is forcing you. I just told my dad that I prefer someone," said Aryan.

"You want to get married? I will find you the best guy in this whole fucking universe if you want me to. But no, we are not getting married," said Salvatore.

Aryan just looked at him.

"Like any other guy who would fuck me as you did, who would hold me down and take me as you did, you are saying that you will be okay to find me such a guy who will take care of me?" asked Aryan, teasing Salvatore all the way, seductively.

"Yes," said Salvatore and he had thought the answer was true. But the anger in him at the thought of Aryan beneath someone else, that was new and he realised that he just might have lied.

"Good. You are in luck. The guy I prefer is just you," said Aryan.

Salvatore just growled and left.

Aryan almost smiled seeing the man's agitation. 


Caroline laughed out after she heard what Salvatore said.

"Finally someone fell for you! I wonder what he sees in you," said Caroline.

"He sees nothing. He is just an adamant guy who wants whatever he sets eyes on. Above that, he doesn't know me and I am Salvatore El Manzoni, Caroline if you forgot. I am not going to let anything pull me back!" said Salvatore.

"Would it hurt to have someone in your life? Someone, to go home to? Someone, to hold close to on the endless nights? You are 38 now. We all might die any day Salvatore. For 28 years, you have lived alone. Chosen to live alone, not even letting them adopt you. Good thing too now, I guess. Maybe Aryan was meant for you," said Caroline.

"Don't go all poetic on me, Caroline. You know I don't care for all that shit," said Salvatore. 

"Why are you living like this then? Who are you living for? I mean you don't fuck everything that moves, or you don't do drugs, you don't live to be the ultimate power, then what are you living for Salvatore? Don't tell me you don't care. You care about Aryan's dad like he is your own," asked Caroline.

Salvatore growled.

"You are insane. You think I should have a person living with me? Can you imagine the dangers? Can you see the disaster waiting to happen?" asked Salvatore.

"What if that is just the disaster you need Salvatore. Aryan is beautiful chaos and he is exactly what you need in your now existence. Maybe you will be stop existing and start living," said Caroline.

"I don't see the difference," said Salvatore.

"Exactly, my point," said Caroline.

"He is the fairy tale guy. He would need a prince charming. Not me! He sees me as a hero now, someone who is inaccessible, but I am not a hero! I am definitely not what he wants! And I think he just likes getting what he wants and then he might just have another whim next day and leave and I am not putting all my hard work, crores of lives and myself at the risk of that," said Salvatore.

"Do you like him?"

Salvatore sighed. "He is family," he said.


Salvatore's patience was being tested the whole day by Aryan. He had been flirting with almost everyone, people Salvatore knew he absolutely hated and wouldn't let them touch him even with a pole stick!

The guy was like a magnet of danger, giving ideas to his enemies in killing him. When he saw the arranged date guy which Aryan sprung on him in the evening pull a gun under the table as he tried to kiss Aryan was about to shoot him as they kissed.

Aryan was not kissing him back. He just couldn't. He was furious and he liked the fact that Salvatore was watching. He wanted the man to see that he was desirable enough. Aryan saw the gun and almost groaned but Salvatore shot the guy in the arm first and as he begged for life, on his head. 

Salvatore looked at Aryan who was wiping away the guy's lips' impression from his mouth. Salvatore grabbed Aryan roughly and literally dragged him to the car. He was silent on the way to his house and Salvatore was fuming. 


Aryan knew better than to anger the man further. He had wanted some reaction outside of the man and he was not sure he is going to like how he is going to explode now that he has invited danger his way.


"We are not talking here or where your dad can hear us! Go to your room. I will come to see you there," said Salvatore and stormed off. He needed a bath and some time to think.

Aryan wanted Salvatore. He wanted the man so much that it consumed him. He knew the guy might never really care about him and he was not sure if it was his childishness either. Maybe he will just put an end to all this.

Aryan sat on his bed.

Avanindra came in.


"I have to tell you something," he said.

Aryan nodded.

"There is a lot of things you don't know about Salvatore which he himself would say, but I have to tell you a few things he might never say," said Avanindra.

Aryan looked at him.

"Salvatore is as important to me as you are. It was the same for your dad too. But I guess we both are glad now that he really did not let us adopt him like we wanted to. Maybe you two were meant for each other. He was 10 when you were born and we were still abroad. I - I found him in the captivity of mafia group called Death Callers. They had him bound, he was violated in every possible way that he feared people touching him. He stayed with me and your dad for one whole year. He would sit aside and look at you, never touch you. He was just plain withdrawn. After counselling and treatments, he responded well. When you were five, and he was fifteen, we left. He had been staying away from us by then. He, his family had died and he had an uncle who took him back in but still brought him to see us occasionally. 

"He was the only worry your dad had when he died. He was sure you would be safe here with me but Salvatore- well. I had promised your dad that I would keep you away from that world, from the pain and all the gore and I have. Salvatore is the one between the world and that goriness. I am sure, he will take care of you and love you. He might not show it, he has never been shown it or he never had the chance to understand it, but with time, he will. I don't know what made you like him but Aryan don't do this if its' all just a power game for you. I am not an idiot, I can see," said Avanindra and left.

Aryan was surprised that his own father was talking for Salvatore and that meant something to him.

It was 2 in the morning when the door to his bedroom opened again and Salvatore walked in.


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