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A.N- Whelp, I wanted to write more of this book because I missed it a lot. Anyways, I hope you like it! Also, it's multiple years into the future. Anyways, Thank you for Tuning In! ^-^

  Bakugou's Point Of View

  "Get it Eijirou!" I yelled at my boyfriend. He was dancing against Aoyoma. It's been five years since we've graduated from UA and we were at the reunion. Ashido smiled and cheered him on too as well as Sero. Deku cheered on Aoyoma with his husband Todoroki, Ochako, and Ida.

  Eijirou did a spin thing then ended it with the splits. The crowd roared for him. Aoyoma smirked and pulled off some moves that I didn't care to watch since he wasn't Eijirou. The crowd cheered for Aoyoma and it ended. That sparkle boy won by only a few claps. Clearly, the don't know talent when they see it. I huffed and walked to Eijirou. "You did better than him, don't be discouraged."

  "Nah, He was good." He watched Aoyoma be surrounded with our old classmates as well as some Class B kids before looking at me. "Anyways, wanna get some punch?" There was something in his voice. I couldn't tell if it was nerves or if it was my imagination. 

  "No. I have to talk to Ashido about something." I pecked his lips with mine. "I think they want to talk to you." I nodded my head to some people and walked away to look for that Pink-haired raccoon. I spotted her. "Hey Raccoon Eyes, I need help with something."

  "Hey Bakugou, what do you need help with?" She asked. I grabbed her by her shoulder and pulled her into the hallway. "Bakugou, what's going on?" She tilted her head. I felt my face warm up as I pulled out a small box from my pocket. She gasped. "Is this for Kiri?!" I nodded and looked away. She clapped to get my attention. "You want my help to propose to your boyfriend? That's so cute!"

  I covered her mouth. "Shut up! He doesn't know! And I need your help so I can do it right." I told her quietly while putting the box back into my pocket.

  "Bakugou! You're so romantic!" She gushed. I just glared at her. "Alright, alright! I'll help you." She flashed me a huge smile. Ew.

  Eijirou's Point Of View

  "-Then he just walked away with Ashido." I held a ring box in my hand. "Maybe I should just wait to propose. Maybe he wants to break up and get with Ashido."

  "Don't think like that Kirishima. He loves you, don't worry." Sero comforted me. "And plus, why would he leave you for her? She isn't his type, but you are and everyone knows it."

  I smiled and shut the box. "You're right Sero! Thanks for the confident boost!" I pushed my foot off of the wall and headed towards the hallway, looking for my hopefully soon-to-be-husband. My smile quickly faded when I saw Katsuki on one knee, holding a ring to Ashido. She grabbed the small ring and looked at it, amazed. I silently backed up into the darkness of the dance room and ran, barging through the others to get to the doors that lead outside. Why? I thought he loved me.

  "Kirishima? Are you okay?" Sero asked me.

  I gave him a fake smile, hoping that the darkness could hide my tears. "Just need air." I opened the doors and walked out. The cool wind soothed my face but it made the stream of tears sting. I wiped it away but more took its place.

  I heard the doors open and close, then a familiar voice. "Kiri? You obviously aren't fine. What happened out there?" It was Sero.

  I turned around. "I was too late. He already proposed to someone else." I explained. I chuckled and smacked my forehead. "I'm such an idiot to think that he would stay with me for this long. I knew something was up." More tears fell.

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