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Salvatore groaned because Aryan was so stubborn he wanted to bang his head somewhere. The guy was getting ready to go to some club and he was tired of telling him the safety consequences for the umpteenth time.

Aryan was having one drink after another and Salvatore was in the corner when one of the guys dancing hit on Aryan who was smirking and nodding off. The guy led him to the dance floor and they were dancing. Aryan's eyes were however on the wall. There was a reflection of Salvatore in it. He was amused that the man was now standing closer. However, when an arm came around him, he did not expect him to be so fast.

"Excuse me? Do you mind?" asked the guy some Ripu who wanted to have Aryan and was eyeing him like a chunk of meat.

"I do," said Salvatore.

Ripu looked up.

"Is this your boyfriend?" he asked.

"No, my husband. We will be on our way," said Aryan as he turned and looked at Salvatore who was glaring at him and pointing a gun at him. Aryan was surprised and then he felt a coolness press against his throat and realised that Ripu was an enemy. He was too shocked to move and then he felt the wetness in his shirt. It was Salvatore's blood. Aryan sighed and raised his leg backwards crushing the guy's crotch mightily. He was thankful that he did not think up groping as a part of making Salvatore jealous movement. No awful touches or any sex at all!

Then the gun fired and Ripu fell half dead and then Aryan was being practically dragged out of the pub. Once they fought atleast 20 people on way, Salvatore took the wheel.

They drove and once they reached a good few kilometres inside safety, Aryan felt a harsh hand grab on his hip. Aryan looked at Salvatore.

"You wanted me to fuck you, didn't you?" sneered Salvatore.

"I still want to. I know this is a phase and one fuck will take it away," said Aryan as casually and kept looking at Salvatore.

"Well, you are lucky because I am going to fuck you tonight and you are going to finally get your head out of your arse. You are going to wish you never did this," sneered Salvatore.


Aryan looked at the clock. It was 11 and he felt uneasy. Salvatore had said he will come and had the guy fooled him. But no, Salvatore stood at the door. He looked so hot in his shirt and tracksuit after a bath. His hand had the band-aid Aryan had used to tie around it. Aryan also took bath and changed and now the man stood in his room.

He opened his mouth to say something but froze when he was pulled closer by Salvatore.

"I- started Aryan but all that came out was muffled moans as Salvatore kissed him and then Salvatore pushed Aryan onto the bed. It was almost like a competition that they undressed the other.

It was pure lust and Aryan's hand moved hungrily on Salvatore's tattooed muscles and then Aryan felt the hot warmth against his leg. He felt his cock being freed.

Salvatore must say Aryan had a good package on him and he licked him there as he worked his way to remove the underwear.

Salvatore's finger prodded at Aryan's hole and as Aryan felt the first and only had that would find its way there was now loosening him up and without much wait, he lined his cock in front of it.

Aryan gulped when the man pulled out his cock and the hard length was hot. Salvatore did not think much and slammed home. Aryan moaned, spreading his legs wider as the beast of a man fucked him. The bed shook and the thrusts were amazing and Aryan's mouth was partially open.

Salvatore groaned as he moved in and out of Aryan who was responding in equal spirit. Salvatore cannot believe that he is fucking Aryan of all the people. Salvatore came inside Aryan.

Salvatore fucked Aryan four times more before they fell asleep.


Aryan woke up first and he felt Salvatore's fullness in him. He moved away from the man's shoulder where he was resting his head.

Salvatore opened his eyes when he felt the movement and looked at Aryan whose face was red and sated and Salvatore wanted to ravish him. But he remembered his promise and moved his hard cock out of Aryan.

"I would get hard for anyone with a good body Boss. It has nothing to do with you and I hope you are over your phase," said Salvatore.

"You mean to say it was nothing. You felt nothing? " asked Aryan.

Salvatore nodded.

"Exactly. It was just another good fuck," said Salvatore not looking at Aryan. He was not really lying. Aryan was great in bed but well, it was great sex. He was not someone who attached emotions to sex.

He got up and went into the bathroom. He felt himself soften and soon he washed up and left the wearing his clothes. 


Aryan did not move from bed. He has never faced a bigger rejection. Aryan felt a teardrop slide down his eye and he wiped it away furiously. He was not going to bloody cry. Not over a heartless bastard.


Aryan's confident mask was back on and he was on his game when he got back to work the day next. He had kept to himself the previous day. He was fine now. Or He will be. He was going to show him that no one gets away with humiliating Aryan Vallar. He was going to show that bastard with their life than those few moments meant a lot more than fucking.


Salvatore was feeling unsettled when he saw Aryan walk around as if nothing happened because he was pretty sure, Aryan was shaken. 


Aryan sat down next to his dad. "I think I am ready to get married," said Aryan.

Avanindra looked at him in shock which was closely followed by elation.

"Finally, you are agreeing. I was worried I would die without seeing it. I will call the family priest and ask him about alliances-" started Avanindra.

"I know who I want to marry," said Aryan.

"Were you dating? You never said anything," said Avanindra.

"No. I like him. It is up to you to make this proposal complete," said Aryan.




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