Chapter 9

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Reader's POV
I just stared at this "Booette" as she tried to cover her face. She seemed to be one for scares unless she is being stared at.

Booette: L-Look away!
(YN): So you could scare me?
Booette: M-M..Maybe...
(YN): Look. Why am I here? Did you bring me here?

Booette covered her face and curled up, whimpering quietly.

Booette: I-I... Had o-one of my servents bring you here..
(YN): Why?
Booette: B-Because u-um...

She curled up even more and took small peeks out at me, blushing a dark red.

Booette: I-I have boos all o-over the kingdom... W-When they reported that they s-saw you I-I... I got excited..

Booette peeked out from her hand, keeping her gaze on me.

Booette: b-believe it or not...a-a lot of the creatures in this k-kingdom can't...really think for t-themselves...kinda l-like the toads.. But t-then you came along... You think o-on your own will..

Booette moves her hands and diverts her gaze from me. I couldn't help but stare at her for awhile... She is adorable...

(YN): But what about Bowsette? Wouldn't she find out that I broke out?
Booette: oh... I-I didn't think of that...

Booette starts to panic and I just stared at her. I'm not sure what it was but she was just too adorable.

Booette: W-What if she finds out? I c-can't get back into another war... I-I can't!


Bowser JR's POV
I woke up and walked out of my room.

Bowser JR: Chompy?! Where are you boy?

I walked around the castle and noticed the cage that the prisoner was in... It was broken.

Bowser JR: um.... Mom?

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