part 11

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I was talking with Marcus all the time on over phone and we called each other 3-4 times and it was fun.

Me: we are leaving tomorrow 😢

Marcus: we will meet again one day

Me: I hope

Marcus: I'll never forgot you ❤

Me: same ❤

I put down my phone because I need to finish packaging. "I will miss him so much" I say to myself because Ebonie isn't here. "Omg you won't believe what just hapined" she come in. "What hapined?" "When I was walking upstairs I saw Martinus but I tought it's Marcus and I say 'hey Marcus how are you' and he looked confused at me and say 'I'm Martinus' and well he didn't know who I was till I told him my name and he say 'oh Marcus talked about you and Kimberley... He said lot of good stuff about Kimberley' and then we both go in our rooms but hey Marcus talked about youu" she say in one breath. "Omg that's so cuteee" I say. "Why you seem like you aren't happy" "because I will miss him so much" I say. "I want to hug him" I added. "Let's go then" she say and pull me with her. "what noo" "yess". I wanted that but not like this ... Wait what she will sa... "Hey what are you doing here" Martinus say. "We come to say bye" Ebonie say. "Ah I didn't have chance to meet you. Maybe one day" he say and let us in. "Hey" Marcus say and hug me. "Ah we come to say bye not hey" I say. "I will miss you so much" he say without braking hug. "same" I say. "But we will still talk" he say. "Of course" I say.

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