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Title: Old Flame*

Setting: mostly before Tony's parents died, some in the time after that, and Avengers 1

Faceclaim: Andy Biersack (note! For a lot of the story, the OC and Tony are younger versions of Andy and Tony and then for the end OC is what Andy would like when he's RDJ's age, I din't have a specific faceclaim for that but you can suggest one!)

OC Name: Alexander (Alex) Blake*


Just an old flame,
Guess you don't mind me crashing and burning *


Stark Industries and Blake Industries.  The two companies are in constant competition.  Howard Stark and Franklin Blake have been close friends for a long time and the competition between their companies is mostly friendly, neither of them have ever been able to settle for second best, even against their closest friend.  Competition between the sons of the businessmen is much less friendly.

Tony and Alex can't stand each other.  There's always a fight between the pair and they hate losing, especially to each other.  Hell, they can't even stand a tie between each other.  Unlike their parents, neither is content to share first place with the other.

They constantly try to get better grades, do better work, and make better things than each other.  They're the fuel to each other's fire.

They hate each other.

Or at least that's what they say.

Truth be told, Tony has a soft spot for Alex and Alex has one for Tony too, though neither of them are eager, or even willing, to admit it.

Then things change.

Tony's parents leave for a business trip and, after the party he threw last time they left him alone, they decide their best course of action is to have him stay with the Blakes.  Of course, Tony isn't very happy with that but he doesn't really have much of a say in the matter.

So, he goes to the Blake mansion and just deals with the annoyance that is Alexander Blake.

There's bickering, plenty of that, until one night when Tony is sneaking out of the house, he finds Alex doing the same.

The pair reluctantly end up taking their midnight trip out of the house together, after Tony admitted that he had no plans.  Alex allowed Tony to come along with him to what their parents have called "the bad side of town" and to a tattoo shop.

Right then and there, in that old shop, is when Tony's entire facade drops.  He watches Alex get the first of what would become many tattoos.

From that night on, the false hatred faded away and the two grew closer and closer, until there was no space between them.

Then Tony's parents die and everything goes wrong.  Tony pushes Alex out of his life.

The next time Tony sees Alex, he doesn't have the chance to fix his mistake.

His old flame had burned out, and he'd arrived only moments too late to save him.*


↪So I was thinking that the first tattoo would be an hour glass. For Alex, it would be a reminder that life doesn't last forever, time passes, make the most of what there is now before the hour glass runs out.

↪The ending is the only part set in Avengers 1.  Alex is in a rock band and is at a hotel in NYC getting ready for a concert and Hulk accidentally tears down part of the hotel he's at and he falls.  He knows it's a longshot but he yells for Tony when he's falling.

↪Tony finds Alex dead after the fall.  With the way he hit the ground, his wrist snapped and the bone broke out through the skin and tore the hour glass tattoo.

↪I have a ton of ideas about the scene where Tony finds Alex dead, like so many. You don't need to but, if you want to talk about that scene, I'm more than willing to give some ideas.

↪They don't ever interact after the big fight that ends their relationship after Tony's parents die.  They still love each other and are proud of each other's accomplishments.

↪I have so many ideas for this so just ask if you need any help at all!


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