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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 6 - Sid The Sloth

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  • Dedicated to William Wordsworth

The sweet sound of Max’s voice filled my ears as I tossed and turned that morning. The familiar beat of Glad You Came filled the room followed by Nathan’s mesmerising tone. I stretched across the bed hoping to grasp onto his phone but my hand wasn’t long enough.  The sting began rippling through my hand from being over stretched. I knew Nathan was still here, unless he had forgotten to take his phone with him. I turned off his alarm before returning his phone to the bedside locker it was previously placed on. I stumbled towards the window but before opening the blinds I slowly lifted my hands above my head and began stretching.

The sun was beginning to escape from behind the clouds in the sky. The sun’s rays were shining in through the upstairs window. A day at the beach was on the cards for Jamie and I, with Nathan that is if he’s not busy. Speaking of Jamie, she had been very quiet that morning so I decided to investigate. Jamie’s coat lay empty, just like my last visit there just before I found her asleep on Nathan’s chest, but this time her blanket was gone too.

I navigated my way down the stairs in pursuit of Jamie and Nathan. I inspected the living room where they once were, but had now vanished. The room looked untouched apart from the fact that Jamie’s blanket was now sprawled across the sofa. On further inspection I discovered a note from Nathan abandoned on the table, ‘Hey, decided to take Jamie out for a walk. She was a bit restless. Be back by 8am. Nath x’

‘No wonder that boy is always late’ I mumbled reading the time on the clock. It was 9:15 am. I paced the floor shaking hoping that they hadn’t got into any trouble. Every time I placed my foot on the wooden floor, the sound echoed loudly around the house. Every ten seconds my head spun around to check the time. By 9:30 there was still no sign of them. I disobeyed my stomach every time it groaned but Jamie was more important to me then food. I grabbed my keys and phone before running for the front door.

I was halfway down the street, with Nathan’s flat in view when I spied three young girls bent over in fits of laughter. Then I remember that I hadn’t changed out of my pyjamas. I could see where the girls were coming from, black flowery shorts and a pink Hello Kitty tank top don’t exactly look like clothes we would wear every day. I sprinted in the opposite direction, much to the delight of the girls and quickly ran upstairs to change. Normally, I would have cringed at the fact that everyone had seen my nightwear, but I cared more about Jamie that I did about the opinions of three total strangers. I rummaged through my wardrobe and picked out something clean; black skinny jeans, white converse, a red t-shirt and white hoody.

I jogged towards Nathan’s flat, hoping he was there but my attempt was futile. There was no one home. I removed my phone from my pocket and after realising that Nathan’s phone was still on my locker, I dialled Tom’s number. ‘Ello?’ the voice answered but I could tell straight away that it wasn’t Tom. This woman was from Liverpool. ‘I’m looking for Tom Parker? I thought this was his phone?’ I asked confused. ‘It is his phone, he just left it at the studio’ she answered in her husky voice. ‘So he’s not there anymore? Do you know where he is?’ I asked my voice trembling. ‘The boys are gone for a break. They should be back soon’ she informed me. ‘Okay thanks’ I mumbled biting my lip with my top teeth, drawing a little blood. The blood trickled down my chin, staining my top. ‘Great’ I mumbled applying force to my lip attempting to stop the blood.

I leaned against the door frame wrecking my brain for a plan. I removed my finger from my lip and tried removing the blood from my top by rubbing it. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking as it just made the stain worse. I returned to my standing position up against the door and regained my train of thought. The only idea I came up was, was to walk around the streets of London until I found them. It was the best idea I ever came up with.

I strolled down the street trying to hide the prominent red stain on my hoody. My bottom lip was throbbing, my legs were shaking and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I left my hands rest in my pocket, signally that I knew I wouldn’t find them. If Nathan was with Tom and the boys, they’d probably be in some café munching on their breakfast. I prayed to God that they didn’t choke her to death after trying to feed her bacon that is if they hadn’t already forced her into some strangers care.  

I wandered lonely as a cloud for ten minutes hopelessly. I did stumble across a Sid the Sloth look alike but this look alike was not the one I was looking for. But what I didn’t know is that the Sid the Sloth impersonator I was looking for was just down the road.

I heard familiar voices cheering as I neared the park. I focussed on the distinctive Bolton and Gloucester accents that were cheering profound words. ‘Trust Nathan and Tom to curse during a football game’ I mumbled to myself making out the distant shadows kicking a football around in a circle. Right in the middle of them was Nathan with Jamie casually bouncing on his hip. ‘Maisie, I see from your hoody that you’ve killed a man!’ Nathan called turning to face me. ‘Really? Well it’ll be one man and a Sid the Sloth look alike when I’m done with you’ I replied angrily.  


I'm sorry I didn't update this yesterday! I've been hooked on the Olympics (it isn't everyday Ireland win a gold medal in the ladies boxing!), Youtube, Tumblr and Facebook. I'd like to dedicate this chapter to the wonderful William Wordsworth for letting me use one one of his quotes in this poem! Legend that man, legend! I love you Will, love you forever and a day! <3 Look! There's my other boyfriend Will to the right of your screen! Don't tell Nathan I'm cheating on him please! If you promise to keep it a secret, I promise to keep updating this! Deal?! 

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