Nine; No Changing!

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I woke up still in her arms, with her staying down at me so kindly.

"Hey there, my princess." She let her finger tips graze up am down my belly gently, making me smile.

"Hi." I whispered back, breathless from her affect on me.

"Do you want your surprise now?" She kept gently speaking, and in all honesty, my pussy probably resembles a fountain right now. I was dying for friction, and tried to stand up. My knees buckled, and Jessica just gently held my waist.

"Where are you going, beauty?"

"Bath-r-room." She lifted me up and put me on the changing table. We haven't used this yet.

"Why is that? You don't feel like you need changing." I shrugged as my face heated up, and I used my hands to cover it. She tried to lie me down on the table, but I started kicking and refused to lay.

"Sophie, what has gotten into you?" She asked, slapping my leg. She put a belt that was in the table around my torso, forcing me to lay down. I wouldn't open my legs though and held them straight down.

"Do I need to get another caretaker in here to help me? Then we will both get to punish you afterward." I cried and shook my head, relaxing.

"Good girl. Now, why don't you talk to me about what's going on instead of freaking out like that?" I shrugged in reply.

"No ma'am. That is not a valid answer." She pulled my hands down off my face and gently wiped my cheeks.

"E-emb-barassed." I cried more. She pulled a chair over and sat beside me. She used more tissues to dry my face.

"Baby, how about we go over some things real fast? I don't mind if you want to talk about it some, and I will explain everything to you, and we will definitely make sure that it works for you. Okay, babygirl?" I nodded my head.

"Before your nap, you agreed to be my little and my girlfriend, correct?" I nodded.

"Well, I have some rules that we need to go over. My pretty baby always eats or drinks when she needs to, doesn't lie to me, makes sure that I know how she feels about everything, takes any medicine that she is told to, doesn't argue, doesn't do anything illegal, does not touch anything alcoholic, and keeps the hands away from the baby girl parts. If any of these rules are broken, you can be punished." I say there with my mouth hanging open.

"What are you thinking, little princess?"


"Your safe, love. I won't hurt you. I am your mommy." I bit my lip to keep myself from moaning. I still let out a muffled sound. Jessica made a faux confused face and ran her hand down my stomach to the waistband of my diapee.

"Is this why you were embarrassed? Does your little kitty want attention?" She rubbed the outside of the diapee and I whimpered.

"Hm. This will be your punishment for the fight you put up when I tried to change you."

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