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"Hey... Can't you just walk properly? Why the fuck are you drunk like this?"

"Drunk? Naw Naw Naw... I'm naw drunk. What are yow toke kin ar bound...?" "Ha Ha Ha Today is worse. I cannot understand what he's saying."

Thara parks his old expensive car right in front of a house while Thiwat is stepping out of the car and carrying his best buddy who's completely drunk with the totally red face, stinking of alcohol and walking like a boneless person, but being able to argue back at him.

"Ai Tharn... I'm naw drunk... (Hiccup) dunk... dunk... dunk..." "Are you gonna drunk or are you gonna dunk?"

While Thara who's shouting out from his car through the window laughs at his boyfriend's buddy.

Type and Techno had a reunion party today after graduated for almost a year. So from the college students becoming the complete white collars and blue collars, they started gathering and talked about the problems that they all have faced in their office. Instead of having only a proper dining, they moved to a bar and started to get drunk, especially Ai Techno.

Only drinking among friends, he didn't have to stop and keep any look.

For Tharn, after finishing his work, he headed to pick up his boyfriend and saw Type's buddy being so drunk like shit. Of course, he couldn't and wouldn't say no to his boyfriend when he was asked to give Techno a drive back home.

Besides, he couldn't let his boyfriend's buddy going back home in this condition.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha I told you two tha I'm no drunk. I can go bak hom ba ma self." Drunk Techno pushes himself from Type's shoulder and falls down to the floor immediately.

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Whoa... Spinning..." Techno laughs out loud while Type looks at his friend and shakes his head.

"Is your younger brother home? Can he come down to get you?"

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