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"Yes Manik's love."

Nandini didn't even speak a word for a while. She was beyond shocked. She wasn't expecting Manik here at least. She was speechless. Seeing Nandu speechless and in her own world Manik decided to call her.

"I guess someone didn't like the surprise."

"Hmm.. What?? N..No...M...Ma...Manik. i ...It's not like that. I...Ï ac...actually loved it. It was just that I was least expecting you."

"Well. I can see that."

"But Manik. What are you doing here? You were toh supposed to be at Haryana right? Then what are you doing here?"

"Well Nandini. I'm here for a week or two. And I'll have to go back and will get my job shifted here. It's hard to stay without you."

"Then why did you lie to me saying you're going HARYANA?"

"Nannu. If I'd told you that I was coming Mumbai then I wouldn't get to see this look on your face. But I don't think you're in a good mood to welcome me right?"

"No. I was just tired a li'l bit. "

"I understand. You're travelling in the bike the whole night."

(Nandu looked at him widing her eyes.)

"Yes "

(She replied not meeting his eyes.)

"Btw....where's amma-appa?"

"They've gone to Mangalore last night. They weren't home when I reached last night. They informed me through a text message as my phone was dead."

"That's great na Nandu? We'll get our much needed privacy😉?"

(He said with a naughty smile and a mischievous glow in his eyes.)

"P..pri..privacy" (She was panic strike all of a sudden.)

But Manik lacked to notice her panic striken face. He mistook her to feel awkward as she always felt.

"Yes my jaan. We'll share the SAME ROOM, SAME BED. We're all alone in this house. Isn't that gre.....

Before he could complete he saw Nandu having difficulty in breathing. Her face was covered in sweats . She was panicking but Manik couldn't understand WHY??
But now he wasn't sure what he should do and what not?

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