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"What the hell are you talking about?" I asked him.

"Hussein!!" Aanya whisper yelled at me.

I immediately realised my mistake and apologized to her. Then, I excused myself and went away to the office room. As soon as I stepped into the office, I slammed the door behind me.

"Who the fuck is he?" I asked Rehan.

"Obviously, an insider. But, he is just a pawn, Hussein. There is actually someone else behind this. And we need to find out who he is. I'm sure this traitor knows something about him. Just come to the office as soon as possible so that you can interrogate him personally." Rehan explained.

"Yeah. I'll leave right now." I told him.

"Okay, then." He said and hung up.

I took deep breaths to control the anger that was flowing through my veins. I clutched the head rest of the chair so tightly that my fingers turned white. All I could see was red.
But I had to control myself because I risk Aanya seeing me like this. I don't want her to worry about me.

I went out of the office room and told Aanya that I had to leave immediately to attend an important work.

She immediately sensed that something was off. But, thankfully, I was able to dodge her questions. But, somewhere in my heart, I knew that she was going to confront me for my behaviour and I need to be prepared to face her questions.

Kareem was driving the car and was stealing few glances at me now and then. But I did not acknowledge it for my mind was completely occupied with something else.

As we were heading to the office, I kept thinking that who the hell has the guts to go against me? Who the hell has the guts to betray me?

We reached the office soon and I immediately went in. I saw that all of my employees were doing their work in solace without having any idea about the strom that has hit my empire.

With an impassive look plastered over my face, I headed towards the elevator. I pressed the top button. As the elevator moved up, I grew more and more impatient. I loosened my tie as I felt like I was choking.

Just as I reached my floor, I stepped out of the elevator, even before the doors could open completely and rushed towards my office.

I threw my bag on the couch and dialled Rehan's number and asked him to come and meet me immediately. And within no time, Rehan presented himself in my office.

"Where is he?" I asked him without wasting any time.

"He is in the meeting room." Rehan replied. I was about to go to the meeting room but Rehan stopped me.

"Hussein, wait." Rehan stopped me.

"No, I'm not going to wait now." I barked at him.

"Hussein, stop it. You need to calm down, man. We're in the office and we are cannot create a scene otherwise everyone will come to know about this." Rehan reasoned me.

"Yes. You're right. I need to stay calm." I told him and took deep breaths.

"You alright now?" He asked me.

"Yeah. I'm fine now." I replied.

"Come on, let's go now. And please stay calm." He reminded me again. I just nodded my head but only god knows how I was going to react when I see him.

Before we went into the room, I dismissed my assistant. I didn't want anyone to witness the scene that was about to unfold in that room.

We both went in and, there I saw a man, in a fine suit, sitting in the chair. My security guards were standing beside him. He was trying too hard to show me that he wasn't scared of anything but as soon as he saw me, his face lost all it's color. He immediately stood up from his chair.

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