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Jack's POV

"Goodbye Dory." I said while waving at her.

"Heh. Goodbye, I'll be back in three to four hours. Sorry." She said.

"It's fine. Don't worry, you'll see me again later. Don't miss me too much. Take care, don't text and drive." I said. She rolled her eyes but still nodded and smiled. I closed the door. It's time.

I looked for Mage's parents and saw them in the living room. I'm lucky cause their meeting got cancelled, and that they didn't have any other important meetings today so I have enough time explaining and asking. Please turn out fine.

"May I talk to both of you?" I asked trying my best not to be nervous.

"Yes son? What is it that you want to talk about?" Uncle Harry asked raising his left brow.

"Okay.. I don't know where to start. Woo. Okay, I know that this sounds corny but when I first saw her in the beach my heart already softened, but not 100% tho. And I became open to her, telling things that I don't usually tell to others. I tried to leave her, but I can't. I tried to leave her cause I know that I'll only hurt her and that she deserves some other guy that will not hurt her but I can't. Especially when she brought me here, I get to know the people around her. Actually we made a deal that we'll just be here in a couple of days which end up being a couple of weeks. When she asked me, the other day, if I already want to go home, I asked for a couple more days. I still need to ask permission from both you. I'll do everything that you both want me to do. I don't know, but as the day goes by, my feelings for her develops. And now, I am asking permission from both of you if I can ask her to be my girlfriend." I blurted while smiling. I am smiling while asking permission from them. I am smiling while admitting my feelings for their daughter. But when I stopped, my nervousness came back and ate me.

"Woo. You wasted enough time. Good thing you already have the balls to ask my daughter out." Mage's dad said and my eyes widened in surprise.

"At first I'm not really that fond of you but you know, I saw that my daughter is having fun with you and that I saw that you're a really nice guy, just take care of her. Okay, I am giving you permission to ask her out." He added. I smiled and turned to Mage's mom. She have a disapproving look on her face and I felt nervous. I think this will not turn out good. I lower down my head waiting for her to shout at me.

"So what's the plan?" Her mom asked while chuckling. Now I know where Mage got her cheekiness, she got it from both of her parents. Relief washed over me.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I said while standing up.

I explained my plan which they agreed to. Good thing I still have money from my credit card, I don't want asking money from her parents even if they have tons of, that's awkward. Woo, I hope that it'll all turn out great.


Mage's POV

"Okay so we're good?" Mr. C asked and I smiled.

"Yes sir, thank you. Hope you have a good night." We shook hands and then we parted ways.

That was my 4th and last exhausting meeting. I thought I'll only have one important meeting. I headed to my car and sat down. I feel dead tired. It's already 8, I hope that Jack will not be mad at me leaving him in the house alone. I started my car and drove to our house. Some car stopped in front of my car. Ugh, doesn't he know how to fudging drive? I climbed out and knocked on his window shield.

The window rolled down revealing Colton. Oh great.

"Colton." I said bluntly.

"Don't be too obvious that you're not excited to see me." Colton said and I felt guilty.

"Sorry, it's just I am tired from my meetings." I explained.

"Do you want to get back at me?" He asked and I shrugged.

"Let's eat dinner, like right now." He said and I shook my head.

"First of all, I already ate dinner and second, I am not in the mood to deal with you." I said deadpanned.

"Just kidding, but really I already ate dinner." I said while chuckling.

"But there is still some space in your stomach for some coffee right?" He asked and I shrugged.

"Okay." I said and he smiled.

"Coffee bean." He said and I went back to my car and drove.


Mage's POV

After drinking coffee and a little catching up with Colton, I drove home. My eyelids are already closing, but with the help of Colton's coffee, I can still manage to drive without bumping into a car or a tree. The gates opened and I parked my car.

"Good evening!" I shouted when I came in. They are not in the leaving room, maybe they are already in their rooms. I walked up stairs and knocked on mom and dad's door. Dad opened the door with a smile on his face.

"Good evening dad. I just want to tell both of you that I am already here." I said and he nodded. I peeked inside, mom is already sleeping and the TV is on.

"What's up with the smile on your face?" I crunched my brows.

"Nothing, just in the mood." He said and I nodded. Hm, I feel something I can't point out.

"Well, okay goodnight dad." I kissed his cheek and then headed to Jack's room. I think I have a lot of explaining to do.

*Knock* *Knock*

The door opened with a messy hair Jack. His hair is sticking out in every place but he still managed to look good. Oh, erase that..

"Hey Jack." I said while jumping on his bed. I feel sleepy already.

"Sorry, I got home late. I thought I only have one important meeting but ends up 4 of them. And bumped into Colton and had some coffee at the Coffee Bean shop." I explained while closing my eyes.

"It's fine, don't worry. I understand." Jack said while smiling.

"What happened when I was gone? Why are you all smiling?" I asked.

"I'll just tell you tomorrow. Go ahead and sleep. Wait, did you said you had some coffee with Colton?" He asked.

"Okay. Yeah, why?" I asked.

"Nothing, what did he told you?" He asked and I shrugged.

"Just some catch ups, he just asked me a couple things." I said.

"Oh.. okay. Now shoo, go ahead sleep on your room." Jack said.

"Why can't I sleep here?" I asked.

"Because you can't. I am working on something." He said.

"What is it?" I asked puzzled.

"I'll tell all tomorrow just have some rest first." He said and I nodded.

I kissed his cheek a good night, I felt his soft cheeks. I stumbled into my room to sleep.