Fighting all the way

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Aryan was ready to pull out his hair by the time the first day with Salvatore came to an end. The man was a menace and Aryan was not going to stand his arrogance for one more second. He asked his driver to stop at the pub. They have a boxing arena in there. Aryan was relentless as he brought down one after the other who challenged him.

Salvatore had instructed the driver to drive straight home and had left in the front. Salvatore raised a brow as he stood in the shadows and watched Aryan kick up a storm. He was smashed a person's chin and the guy was on the floor.

Salvatore was impressed despite himself. Even though Aryan was a mad shit, he seems to be a strong one.

Aryan was high on adrenaline when he finally did step down. He wore his shirt back over the vest and saw Salvatore leaning against the door.

"You are a creep, lurking in the shadows. And a taskmaster too. Are you sure you are just a bodyguard?" asked Aryan.

The silence was the only answer he got. Aryan stomped into the drinks area and grabbed a beer and then another. When he reached for the third, he felt a hand on his arm.

"That's enough, we have to leave now," Salvatore muttered.

"No, and you are not my keeper," said Aryan.

"I kind of am," said Salvatore before he bent down and lifted Aryan to his utmost shock and
the man walked with him thrown over his shoulder and he opened the car door and practically threw him in the car.

Aryan was still shaken when he heard the guns fire. He saw Salvatore pull out a gun and mercilessly shoot the snipers. The next five minutes was a blur. Salvatore got into the car and drove them to safety before turning and looking at Aryan who was silent for too long.

"Who are you and who are these people?" asked Aryan.

"You don't want to know. Now, next time I say enough, you better listen," said Salvatore.


Aryan could still feel the grip Salvatore had on his hip. He has never felt like this. He had never been held. He was the one doing all the holding till then. It was unique and it made him feel all hot. Aryan slammed his hand on his glass pane. He can't believe he got turned on by Salvatore. No, it was Salvatore's physical strength and power, he thought.


Salvatore needed the release and finally, when he did get the time to, he palmed his cock. He knew he was huge and as his cock swelled in his arm, Salvatore grew frustrated.


Aryan was a bit weary of Salvatore. But that did not stop his rebellious side from rearing its head.

Aryan had a meeting with the Dalpone gang. It was scheduled for 10 days from then.

Salvatore looked at him. "Are you planning on reaching an understanding with them?," asked Salvatore.

"No, I will just show them their place," said Aryan.

"You are not meeting them," said Salvatore.

"I so am," said Aryan.

"I don't know if you are partially deaf, Boss, but you are not meeting them and that's final," said Salvatore.

"I will be going. I don't need your permission you asshole," said Aryan.

"They will kill you, you fool. They don't take no for answers when you are called for a peace meeting. That's how mafia works," said Salvatore.

Aryan looked at him.

"I have taken care of myself just fine for this long. I don't think I need your help now to protect me. You can actually leave. I don't want you here, no matter what my dad says. And you are distracting my lady staff a lot," said Aryan.


When Aryan went home, Salvatore was still there. He knew by the sound coming from the man's side of the house. He went up in fury only to hear the sound of punching. And as Aryan watched he saw the man break a punching bag.

"Well, they don't hit back. So I guess it's easy," said Aryan.

"Do you want to fight back? " asked Salvatore, his voice subtle.

"Yes," said Aryan.

"What is the stake?" he asked.

"Oh, there are stakes too?" asked Salvatore.

"Yes, definitely. If I win, When I win, you leave," said Aryan.

"Sure. If I win, you will listen to me and obey my instructions," said Salvatore.

"Sure," said Aryan.

The fight was extraordinary. Salvatore was really surprised and impressed when Aryan managed to land a few good punches on him.

Aryan has never lost a fight before and this was the toughest opponent in his life and he knew not many can compare to this. Salvatore was well practised and precise. Aryan couldn't believe he was losing it. He was desperate to win. Somehow he lost balance and they both fell.

Aryan fell atop his body and they were entangled in the floor. Both sighed and Aryan could smell Salvatore. It was a heady scent, the sweat and the man's innate scent.

Aryan looked at Salvatore whose face gave away nothing. Aryan tried to move.

Salvatore stifled a groan when Aryan tried to move. The friction was turning him on. Aryan felt himself grow hard. Salvatore could feel it and he himself was rock hard.

Salvatore upturned them and in that one moment when Salvatore towered over him, Aryan almost came. Salvatore decided he liked the wide-eyed look in the ever so confident face of Aryan Vallar.

Salvatore wanted to take him. He really did. He wanted to see Aryan impaled on his cock moaning for more, spreading his legs wider as he threw his head back. But this was Aryan Vallar. He sighed as he got up and walked out without looking back.

Aryan is Avanindra's son and he respected the man enough to not fuck and leave his son. And it would complicate things further even if they did it. He never ever hooked up with someone he knew before that day. Never. And, well, despite the arrogance and the strong exterior, Aryan was too pure for Salvatore to defile.


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