asia leg

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me: more dates for asia?? does that mean-

me: (doesnt see any dates for manila)

also me: (sees dates for countries ive been to before that are one to two hrs away on plane)

also also me: (checks site if it still says more dates to come)

fourth me: (realizes that the bangkok stop would mark the tour going on for eight months)

fifth me: (worries that having a tour go on for nearly a year would be a little too extreme)

sixth me: (still wants a stop in manila)

seventh me: (realizes my parents wont allow me to go to a concert at night, possibly with class the next day, with only my friends without a chaperoning adult)

eighth me: (thinks that this might be their last stop of the tour before they go to south america or end the tour completely)

ninth me: (sweats nervously)

tenth me: fucK

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