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When i log in to wattpad. I got 99+ notifications and theres a lot and i mean A LOT of requests. School starts making me busy again. I actually just done with my midterm test but sadly i already got two bad grades, i really need to study on an essay to fix my bad grades. These things kinda make me got a headache.

And the point i told yall this is... that i want you who requested for a cover from me to be patient and understand that i cant get your cover done quickly. i need time to do all the covers.

So if u still want the cover, i'll do it. But u have to be patient and understand about my situation. And if u want to cancel your requests, thats totally okay, i understand that:)

And btw i already told u that this making cover thing is just for fun, im still a student and will do my school works first.

Sorry, guys.
Love xx

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