“Maggie do we really have to do this” and the argument start again.

“Yes Emma we have to movie it was for the best”

“No it was not I never wanted to move! You just took me away from all my friends all the people I’ve even know, this is so unfair.”

“UNFAIR YOU REALLY WANT TO GO THERE!” Breathe Maggie breath “Emma go wake up your sisters”

“Why do I always have to do the work?” Emma grumbled as she got out of the van to go to the back were the kids were sleeping.

“Just go …please”

“They won’t wake up … and the movers have not been here” Emma called from the back of the van.

 Fuck my life this cannot be happening I have two small children who are going to be little devils if they wake up and we are still in the car. “I guess we’ll just wait and see if the movers get here soon, if not I saw a motel a little ways back”

“Whatever it’s not like you care what I think anyways” Emma snapped for behind me … I hope they hurry I really need some sleep and to get away from Emma she has been making my like a living hell for the last two week.


“Maggie are you really gonna do this? I mean moving to a new place is a lot of work, and money can you even handle something like this?”

“Hannah I don’t have much of a choice I can’t take all the sympathy it’s been a year and every time I go out I still get the ‘O you poor girl’ looks, for just about everyone. And the kids think they can get away with anything, there grades are doing down the drain and I’ve gotten three phone calls from the School telling me Emma is causing trouble and we are barely in November.”

“I get that. But is moving really going to help?”

Sigh “I don’t know …hahahahah god, life is not like I planned it to be I always dreamed of going on this big adventure after high school and moving out of this damn town. I never imagined that I would have a family a year after high school.”

My life had been great after high school it was the life I had dreamed of. After high school me and my friends pack up and when on a four month road trip, we went all over the county camping most of the time to save money we met many interesting people on our trip. After our vacation I moved to New York where I attended college where I planned to master in business. I planned to after college I planned to work for a fashion company that needed people like me to run the stores. I even had a job ready for me with a little shop the owner was a dear friend of mine that was great with close but bad with anything to do with management.

All my dreams changed when I got a phone call from one of my aunt’s that told me I needed to come back into town because my parents had been in a car crash. A arrived a few day later were I learned that one night while driving home my parents car swerved hitting a tree. The crash was not what killed then according to the doctor they had died form bleeding in the brain as well as loss of blood form a cut to there through which the set beat mush have made.

“Ya I remember you always had these crazy ideas about steeling planes and being a spy or ninja and making it big.”

“hahahahahah  Ya I did ….god I miss you all so much. Did you know that every one left well everyone from our group that is.  I’m the only idiot who came back, Lisa won’t even come down to visit because she is scared she’ll get stuck her too.”

“Not like you had a choice … so anyway were you moving to?”

“Some little town called Howlers Peak I think. It’s a little ski town up in the northern part of the country. But I told all the girls relatives that we were moving back to New York and it was a surprise so they promise not to tell.”

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