this is the new version of Howler's Peak, i just changed the name storys still the same. o please exuces any spelling mistakes i am terrible when it come so spelling and i'm sure there is going to be a lot of them :)

                                       - Bee


It has been nothing but bloodshed, death, and hurt for the last 100 years.  We were at war; vampire vs. vampires, werewolves vs., werewolves, fairies vs. fairies on and on the list goes. We were fighting for the right to live again. The War was started when one man exposed the existence of supernaturals, and declared war on the humans. The humans did not stand a change that was until the Rebels join the party. The Rebels were those how did not fell superior to the humans, and felt like we could live in peace like we had been.


My name is Maggie I am one of the most powerful werewolves in history and getting stronger. Werewolves live for a long time at 120 (I think) I am, still consider a young pup. I am the reason for this war though I did not know this until a few months ago. But to understand this story we need to go back 110 years ago. Ten years before the war started, in a small northern town called Howlers Peak that is now the base of the rebel operations.


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