Chapter 12: The Game

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How could I prevent outbursts like the night before? I felt responsible for the Joker, for more than just the reason that he was my patient. He was my husband, the man I devoted my life to. And while I couldn't forgive him for cutting himself out of my life, I still cared about him and felt like it was my job to keep him in check. I remembered in medical school how they taught us that the criminally insane were much like children. They needed strict rules and positive reinforcement for good behavior and corrective actions for bad behavior. I went to work the next morning, rest failing to subdue my anger towards the Joker. My slumber had turned out productive however, as I had made up my mind on how I planned on handling the Joker moving forward. I didn't waste any time in my office and instead went straight to the counseling room and waited there with my arms crossed. After 15 minutes, the door behind me opened and I heard the heavy footsteps of the guards as they took the Joker to his chair. He was in a straight jacket this time, keeping him completely caged in. "Leave us." I hissed to the guards and they walked out of the room. Once again, we were alone. "Thanks for letting me get some sunshine today Doctor." He jested, alluding to the dark room he had been subjected to. "You don't deserve it." I spat back at him. He just chuckled at my anger, narrowing his eyes playfully at me. "I take it I've upset you." He said plainly. I wanted to reach over and strangle him but I refrained. "Yes you've upset me. You killed someone last night!" I snapped at him. The smile on his face faded, a more sinister look overcoming him. "You made me angry..." He responded. I scoffed, scooting closer to him to prove that he didn't scare me. "Because of your aggressive behavior, you will be serving an additional life sentence, along with the hundreds you are already serving here. You are also being placed on probation, meaning that you will be in the dark room for two weeks and you will not have access to any luxuries for a month. We take murder very seriously here at Arkham." I informed him, trying to keep our interaction professional and I saw the corner of his mouth jerk upwards. "Oh I'm sure you do." He responded, not even being phased by the disciplinary actions being taken against him. He looked off in thought for a second before he leaned in. "Do you ever think about her? Ecco, I mean." He said and suddenly the tables had turned. I contemplated lying but then I figured what was the point. Fuck professionalism. "Sometimes... But I try not to." I confessed, my eyes falling to my hands. "Don't you remember the rush before you shot her?" He prompted and I felt my skin began to tingle. The darkness inside of me stirred. "The release after her blood was splattered all over your body?... " He continued, and the air between us changed. "It was an act of justice, which made the high all the more real I bet." The Joker egged me on. I knew that I should have been disgusted. I knew that I should have felt sick that he was bringing up the darkest thing I'd ever done. But oddly I found it arrousing, as he was talking to the twisted side of me. The side that I tried to hide deep within myself, the side that awoke whenever he was present. I looked up from my hands, staring dead into his eyes, my eyelids heavy as the bliss of murder replayed in my head, lighting up my senses. "Yes." I responded, taking him aback. Amazement took over his features as he stared at me in awe. "That's what you want to hear, isn't it? That I enjoyed killing your assistant? Because I did." I told him, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise. "There's nothing that will compare to the satisfaction of killing the woman whom I believed to have killed my husband." I flashed him a sultry smile, jabbing the reminder of his fake death into the conversation. The Joker seemed confused, analyzing me very carefully. "Then you understand that killing is sometimes necessary." The Joker affirmed and I knew exactly were this was going. I was then reminded of why I was angry with him, which only served to heighten my arousal. I wouldn't let him talk his way out of this one. I leaned forward, never breaking eye contact with him. "So is that how this is going to work, Mr. J?" I asked him and he tilted his head, amused with my reaction. "If I'm a good girl you won't act out, and if I'm a bad you'll punish me?..." I asked him, picking my words carefully just to fuck with his head. I continued moving closer to him, the table separating us. A darker look over took him at my words, an almost animalistic hunger. He jerked forward as if in effort to get to me, and instinctively I flinched, but then I did something he didn't expect. I giggled mischievously, closing my eyes and enjoying the power I had over him. When I reopened my eyes he was glaring at me, but I didn't feel intimidated in the least. "You are being very naughty Doctor. You know you can't say these things to me." He growled and I felt electricity shoot up my spine. He was so close and yet he couldn't lay a hand on me, which I knew must have been dreadfully difficult for him. Ironically enough, I found it just as agonizing for myself. I decided however, that if he was going to play dirty, then so would I. "Maybe I want you to punish me." I whispered, fire in my eyes. The Joker pulled at the straight jacket, and I knew that if he had his way he would have pinned me to the table by now. The magnetic pull that had always existed between us drew me to him and I crawled half way onto the table to reach him, our faces only centimeters apart. "I thought you were mad at me Doctor?" He taunted, a smug smirk on his face. "I am." I responded simply, as my eyes fluttered closed, nerves bundling up in my stomach in anticipation. He took no time before he pressed his lips to mine, closing the distance between us. His kiss just as rough and bruising as I remembered. Oh how I had missed this. He bit on my lip hard, drawing blood and I gasped. I wanted to be devoured by him. While I wanted nothing more than to let myself fall into the deep abyss of seduction, I refused to let myself get carried away. I pulled away abruptly, despite my body screaming for me to continue. I sat back down in my chair, taking a deep breath to gather myself, my lips swollen and cut from his kiss. He gave me a murderous look. "Get your ass back over here." He ordered and I responded with a shrug. "This works both ways Joker... If you're good, you will be rewarded. And if your bad, I'll drive you crazy." I told him. "You and I both know it's too late for that." He hissed and I took it as a challenge. "Oh I'm just getting started. I bet you are just dying to bend me over this table... Just like when you took me over your desk until I screamed your name." I teased and I swear if looks could kill I would have been long gone. I could see my words playing out in his head, remembering how perfectly we had once fit together. "I'll see you next week Joker." I concluded and then I called the guards back in, standing up myself and walking out of the room as they grabbed him. With one glance behind me, I saw a smirk playing out on his face. In that moment I realized that I had just started a dangerous game. One that had deadly repercussions if I lost...

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