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Prompt: a soulmate AU where everyone has the voice of their soulmate in their head and they can communicate through thoughts. The voice disappears when their soulmate dies and they have more than one voice if they have more one soulmate.

So I decided to try something different and I know this is a Pack book but it does say and friends XD so have a Sidemen OT7.

Simon's P.O.V.

(italics is the soulmate voice inside their head)

Oi nerds get your butts out of bed! Today's the day!

I groaned, burying my face in my hands and squinting around my dim bedroom. Of course it was JJ who woke me up and yes he was excited but that was no reason to wake me up at- I looked at the clock- oh. 10 o'clock is a perfectly reasonable time to wake up.

Fuck you JJ, I don't want to get up.


Yes whatever, I'm starting to regret organizing to meet you. I could literally hear him pouting, even though I couldn't see him.

There was a solid pause for at least 5 minutes and in that time I managed to get up and get dressed without much trouble.

You guys are assholes. That was Ethan and he was obviously extremely tired.

Oh whatever Ethan you're up now and so am I. Josh spoke up next, already wide awake and ready to kick our butts.

Can you lot please shut up I'm trying to watch a movie! Then came Harry and Tobi at the same time. We knew that they lived together and had known each other for a long time, and it was no secret that some of us were jealous that they had met some of the soulmates before us.

Oh pish posh we're soulmates, you're gonna have to put up with our bullshit for the rest of your life so you might as well deal with it now. I added to the conversation, pattering down the stairs to grab something to eat before I starved to death.

I was waiting for Vikk to speak up but he never did, and I sighed. He was the least talkative of the seven of us and we rarely heard from him, except maybe at 3am when he couldn't sleep or when he was pissed off at something or other. Somehow we managed to rope him into our plans to meet up because he was normally very reclusive and a bit of a social hermit.

Just give me two hours and I'll kick the crap out of you Simon. Ethan was laughing but I didn't doubt that he would at least try anyway, any would probably win too if it wasn't for JJ.

Alright, alright, I'll see you in a few hours okay.

I could almost hear Ethan sticking his tongue out at me.


Where are you guys! I'm already here! Harry spoke up and I knew he was bouncing up and down even without seeing him. Tobi is too!

I'm on my way, I'm on the bus. I was looking out the window, heading to the park where we had agreed to meet up at half past 12 but it seemed all of us, as in all of us bar Vikk, were headed out there early so we could spend longer together.

I'm so excited!!! Ethan was bouncing too, which probably meant that he was walking. I get to meet all of my soulmates!

I heard JJ's laugh followed by a snort from Josh who was running apparently.

I'm off the bus now, where are you guys?

Over by the big cherry blossom tree, you can't miss it.

I stepped through the gates of the park and at once, less than 100 metres in front of me, I saw the huge cherry blossom tree that everyone was talking about. There was a small group gathered underneath it, laughing and hugging and I knew at once that it was my soulmates.

Guys! Behind you!

I sprinted to the tree and the first one I ran into was Harry, who wrapped me into a huge hug and refused to let go. This was quickly followed by Ethan, Tobi and JJ and then Josh so we were all in one massive group hug.

When I pulled away and the others, minus Harry who refused to release me, I looked around the group.

Harry was the energetic blonde, bouncy and possibly the youngest of the group. His curls were falling everywhere and I pushed them out of his eyes, laughing as his hands knitted themselves around my waist and refused to untangle themselves.

Ethan was the laughing ginger, the one who had threatened to kick the crap out of me, but that never ended up happening. He was a little on the chubby side was loveable and warm and I found myself falling for him as soon as I met him that day.

Tobi was on the quieter side but was clearly close to Harry and was the only one who could stop him from clinging to me. He didn't say much other than to hug me and give me a shy smile and I knew at once that he would probably be the one to keep the group from doing something very illegal.

JJ was loud and laughable, full of life and never quiet. I knew that I would get along with him, if not after a bit of setbacks, and he seemed to be the life and soul of the group, even louder than Harry and Ethan combined.

Josh was more like Tobi, quiet and probably able to keep us from ending up in prison. He was more affectionate though and was quite happy to give me a huge hug after Harry moved away and greet me with a light kiss to my cheek.

I looked around the group.

"Where's Vikk?" Vikk, we're all here, where are you?

I frowned when there was no reply and Josh leaned in to comfort me.

"Maybe his bus was late or something, I'm sure he's fine."

"But he should be able to hear us, you can't exactly block out your soulmates voices." Are you okay Vikk? Where are you?

Still there was no reply so the group got settled under the tree to get to know each other better as people. We knew each other pretty well because of the conversations that we'd been having for years but we'd never seen each other face to face or truly been able to know one another.

I called out to Vikk every few minutes but there was no reply at all, and slowly I started to see the others become more worried too and start to call out as well. About half an hour after I arrived he finally spoke.

I can't make it today. I'll try and arrange another time.

Vikk! You said you could make it! Why didn't you tell us earlier?

Something... something came up.

His voice was strained and it sounded like he was either refraining from screaming or crying.

Vikk are you okay?

It was another few minutes before his reply came.

No. I need help.

Part 2 out tomorrow!!!

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