Chapter 4

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(Brendons POV)

After 4 days I had finally felt well enough to go to school. I don't remember much from being sick. I remember taking pills and sleeping a lot. The fever had finally went down to a safe temperature and the pain has dulled to a small ache. I could walk without falling, and I didn't feel as if I was gonna die. I was able to go back to school, and I'm not sure if I was completely ready. I had no choice though. If I get a fine, my parents will absolutely kill me. I mean I wouldn't complain if they did, but that's beside the point.

I got up, changed into some skinny jeans and a random shirt, throwing on a jacket. It was only cloudy outside, but I might need it later. I wasn't sad but I wasn't happy either. I was just there. My emotions change a lot though, and I have to prepare ahead of time for it. I slide on my shoes and put my glasses on. I usually didn't wear them but I wanna change up my look. Why not. Plus, being able to see properly is quite nice too. My vision isn't too bad though. I didn't need them unless I was looking at something from far away.

I go downstairs to see Dallon eating a bowl of cereal. "Feel good?" He asks and I nod. "Yeah." I confirm with a small nod and he smiles. "Look good too." Dallon compliments, looking me up and down and and my face flushes red. He's checking me out. My chest burst with butterflies, and I look at him. "You do too, very handsome." I say and he looked down, a smile clear on his face. Am I flirting with my best friend right now? Why do I expect more from myself honestly. I was being honest though. Anyone with eyes could see Dallon was attractive. Unless you're blind, then you physically can't I suppose.

"You look good in your glasses." Dallon says as I sit down. "Do I?" I ask and he nods. I always thought I looked a bit weird in them, honestly. "You do. You never wear them. They frame your face quite nicely." He confirms. "You look good all the time." I state truthfully and he smiles softly. "I'm not to sure about that." He says and I shake my head. "No like.. like seriously, no matter what.. you.. you always look great." I say nervously, fliddling with the end of my sleeves to my jackets.

"Thanks, B." He says and I smile. No problems, I was only being honest. I genuinely did think he was attractive at all times. He was hot. Again, anyone with working eyeballs could clearly see that. So yeah, I did think he was attractive, In a friendly way though.. right? I didn't know.


We got to school, even though I definitely did not want to be there. I rather be at home, dying again. Wait no that was painful. So is school though so it's basically a lose for me no matter what. "Can't I just drop out and work at mcdonalds?" I ask and Dallon shakes his head as we approach the school. "No, bden. You can't drop out. It's not worth it." He says and I groan. "What about target? Target is cool." I say and he chuckles and shakes his head no. "But, school is dumb." I state and Dallon chuckles. "Yet it's what makes you less dumb." He says with a smirk and I glare at him as he shrugs.

"Nerd." I say and he smiles. "So be it." Dallon says and I smile at him. He's adorable what the fuck. I should sue him for being that cute. I feel Dallons hand brush against mine and I feel my heart beat pick up. I don't know if I wanna hold hands. That seems a bit rushed. I'm not even positive about liking him yet. As we approach my locker, I feel him go to grab my hand and I panicked and lifted it up to put in my combination, as if I didn't know what he was doing. I was scared. I didn't know what I wanted. I guess that's gonna have consequences. I should know what I want and yet I don't.

A look of hurt spreads across his face and I immediately felt terrible. "I.. I'm just gonna uh.. to class, you know?" He says softly and before I can say anything, he walks away, pushing through the crowd. Fuck. "You idiot." I say, slamming my head onto my locker. I think I like him, I really think I do. I'm just scared it's only temporarily gonna be there. I'm afraid I'm strictly only confused and that I don't actually like him. I don't wanna fucking hurt him. That's the last thing I want. It's far from what I want. That i know. I know that I do not wanna hurt Dallon. He means a lot to me.

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