25 ♦️ Ovelia

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According to your Screen, Lady Aleria of the Violet School carried out the Choosing Ceremony; meanwhile, I joined the Verdant School with a chip on my shoulder, disturbed by how my twin sister preferred the boy next door over my company.

But on the Screen I'm looking through, from the many-faceted chamber of the fourth dimension, I see myself as Lady of Violets, while Aleria joined the Verdant School.

She may not have the heart of the boy next door—but she stole Alistar's heart instead—and this infuriated me even more.

I have the Violet School at my fingertips now, though. I am far more powerful here.

I turn around, the fourth dimension splintering data through me; then I look through another Screen, where Alistar and Aleria are already married.

Why is it, no matter which branch I follow on this tree of possibilities, my sister comes out on top, while I scrape by with a second-choice future?

I continue to scan the different Screens for a scene of success. They're displayed in rows, in front of me and behind me—in matrixes, in all directions from me—their fortunes reading, Aleria is better.

Aleria is better.

Aleria will always be better.


First draft: October 18
Word count: 212

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