Argent digs around in his bag, for what I have no idea.

"Ah, how are we escaping? On foot? On wolf back?"

"Yes, or we could take that?" He says pointing to the motorbike concealed in the bushes to our left.

"I snuck it out here last night"

I laugh and slap him on the shoulder, relieved because I am the most unfit person in the history of the world and would have lasted about an hour before he had to carry me the remaining distance.

He puts our two bags under the seat and hands me a helmet and a jacket. He helps me to clip the straps of the helmet up and stands back.

"How cute do you look? Bad ass"

I just roll my eyes at him and put my hand out for him to help me get on this thing in front of me.
He is so the kind of guy that would look amazing on this bike while I will be the typical screaming girl on the back. Man we are so cliche. I freaking love it.

He pushes my hand away and lifts me onto the bike before straddling it himself.
He takes a look at the house and speaks over his shoulder to me,

"Ready then?"

"As I'll ever be" I say and hold onto him tight.
Before the bike kicks to a start I ask,

"Where to first then?"

"We are going to see James at Strand"

And then there is nothing but noise. The bike roars to life and we jolt forward as I hold on to his waist. This bike thing isn't so bad if I just get to hug him for hours on end.

We take off through the woods and I take one last look at the house as we leave.

Too bad, I kind of like this place.


After a few hours of non stop hair in my face and constant noise,  we pull over to call James. I get my phone of out my pocket and press on his number. It's easy as I literally have four numbers total, James, Argent, the house and my own!

It rings four times but there is no answer. I repeat the process but again, no answer.

"That's weird? Maybe they are at a meeting or something?" I look at Arge for a response but he just shrugs his shoulders, I catch a quick look of concern in his eyes before he shakes it off.

"I'll try Jemma?" He says and gets his phone out.

We are pulled over at a pit stop on the major highway between our pack house and Strand. Argent wanted to give them a heads up because we have basically skipped out on his father and the council guards who came early to use me and Amalie as lab rats again. He hasn't said anything but I know Argent feels pretty bad for having to leave her there.

The only good part of that is Emerson is still there and I have complete faith that she won't let anything bad happen to Amalie. Plus, the way Amalie has been acting, she will be too aggressive to test when  awake anyway and that might holt their tests a little. I hope she gets a few hits in on those giant guards if anything.

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