Chapter 28

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Aida POV

We are up before anyone else in the house. It has to be this way i know but why does it feel so bad?
Maybe because the sense of impending doom is chasing me like a negative cloud of energy. Again. I have had too many of these feelings in my life to know that whatever is coming isn't good.

The quiet knock at my door tells me my escape accomplice is here. I shuffle about my room in the dim light of the bedside lamp I switch on and grab my small bag of belongings.

Sucks. I was just beginning to feel at home here. Just starting to feel more ok with the idea that I have a wolf hiding somewhere inside me. Starting to feel like I finally fit in here.

I sigh and open the door. Argent stands there looking disheveled, a small back pack over his shoulder and a concerned look on his face.

It occurs to me that he is leaving the only home he has ever known, leaving the comfort and protection of his pack and his father, under extreme circumstances and I feel for him. Leaving somewhere is something I do well.

I drop my bag and fold into his arms. He squeezes me lightly and kisses the top of my head.

"Ready babe?"

"No. But let's do it anyway, just for fun." I say into his chest. His coffee and cinnamon bun smell eases my nervousness a little though. And makes me hungry.

He picks up my bag and leads the way in the opposite direction of the stairs. I pause but, noticing my confusion, he just smiles and nods his head in the direction we are going.

I follow. He must know something I don't. We get to the end of the hall where a tall shelf stands, full of books and pictures. I have seen it a few times as there is a spare smaller bathroom down here but I'm not sure whether this now means we are going to try to squeeze our bodies out of the tiny rectangle window in said bathroom.

He switches to hold the bags in one arm and with his spare hand he pulls down the spine of one of the books on the second shelf.
I hear a small creaking noise and then, as if out of some sort of spy movie, the book case breaks open a little.

"Seriously?" I say shaking my head.

"A wolf has to be prepared." He says with a wink and opens the small doorway for me to step through.

"Ah hell no, after you buddy."

He nods and steps in. He takes a small flash light out of his back pack and turns it on, showing a small stair case leading down a darkened tunnel.

What doesn't this place have!
I step in after him and he gestures for me to pull the door closed behind me.

Here goes nothing.

I walk down the steps close to Argents back, it's a tight squeeze but it's obvious it has been thought about in terms of construction. It has rails on each side to hold onto and the stairs are concrete covered  so it's not unstable.

We walk downwards for a few minutes and then the tunnel takes a sudden turn to the left and starts a much steeper decline. Argent slows our pace and we make our way down slowly until a small light source can be seen up ahead, growing gradually as a door comes into view.

Argent brushes his hands around on the door in front of him until he finds a lever and pulls it slowly down. It makes a loud bang and then releases the hatch of the door.

I cover my face as the door opens completely to the outside, not knowing what to expect. He assists me to step out and he closes the door behind us. We have ended up at the back of the house, though we are beyond the back door, we are further into the wooded area that extends behind the grounds of the house.

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