Reunited and it feels so good

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Cole's POV

Since the night of the wedding, Wade and I were back together and I have never been happier.  It had been too damn long. I had missed him so much.

A month after the wedding we found out my sister and Antonio were expecting along with Adrian and Sylvia.  I was happy for them but right now, I was enjoying my time with Wade. He would starting his teaching job in the fall and we were getting reacquainted with each other.

I rolled over as he laid there breathing hard, "this gets better and better," he grinned.

"You're telling me.  It's been a long time.  I hadn't been with anyone since you," I said as he looked at me. He had a worried look on his face. "What?"

"I can't say the same," he sighed.

I turned to my side and looked at him.

"The night before the wedding we all went out. We got drunk and then it's hazy but apparently I had sex with someone," he said regretfully as he rubbed his face.

"Honestly, I don't even know why and I haven't touched alcohol since then," he assure me.

I looked at him. Wade isn't the type to do things like this.  I know he was feeling guilty right now.

"Shit happens but you're mine," I said as I caressed his face.

"All yours," he told me as he pulled me to him. I didn't care what happened. We weren't together. I cared about what happens now.

I just had a feeling, that night would be life changing for us.

Wade's POV

It had been six months since Cole and I got back together. Six amazing months.  Both of us decided we didn't want to wait any longer so we got married.

It was a small wedding. Just close family and friends.  It was perfect for us. I love my husband. Damn that sounds hot.

"Mr. Hardwick, what is making you smile?"

I turned to him, "the fact I'm officially yours."  I grinned as he smiled before pulling me into a kiss.

"We better get ready.  I don't want to spend our entire honeymoon in bed," he said getting out of bed naked. Damn I love the way his tats looked against his naked skin.

He turned to me, "what?"

"Nothing except you're so damn hot," I said nonchalantly.  He chuckled.

"Come on my love, we can shower together," he said holding out his hand. Didn't have to tell me twice. Shower with my hot ass husband. Oh hell yeah.

After our steamy shower, we went sight seeing.  It was amazing.

"I'm thinking of shaving my beard," I said to him. He looked at me surprised. "What?"

He pulled me to him, "I like your beard. It's incredibly sexy."

"Then the beard stays," I smiled as he gave me a kiss.  God I love this man.

Eventually our honeymoon came to an end and we went home. We had found a house close to work. Since I was a teacher and he was a special education teacher, we got to work in the same school. Bonus.  I love my life.

Why did I have a feeling something was going to alter it drastically?

Cole's POV

Wade and I settled into married life nicely. Our jobs were going well and we couldn't be happier. Rain and Sylvia were a month from their due date. Us, well we got a surprise of our own one day.

There was a knock at the door and I answered it.  There was a woman with a car seat and in side was a baby.  What the hell?

"Is Mr. Morris available?"  She asked me.

"Well, it's Mr. Hardwick now and yeah. Hang on," I said as I walked away. I went and got Wade and he came downstairs only to be shocked.

"Mr. Morris I presume."

"Yeah but my name is Mr. Hardwick now. This is my husband," he said to her.

"I'm a social worker.  My name is Abigail Chadwick. About nine months ago, a woman by the name of Cheryl Howe became pregnant.  She decided to give the baby up. Without the permission of the father, the baby goes into foster care. We like to try and give fathers a chance at raising their child," she explained as she thumbed through a file.

"If you don't want the baby, we just need you to sign the forms," she told him.

I stood there as Wade looked at her. Then he crouched down and looked at the baby, "is it a boy or girl?"

"It's a little boy," she said.

"He has my nose," Wade said looking at him.

He stood up and I looked at him. I knew Wade was conflicted. This was the result from that night he had. He didn't even know who he had hooked up with that night. Was never told about it resulting in pregnancy. We hadn't even discussed kids but I knew one thing, we both love kids.

"We'll take him," I said to her.

"What," Wade said expressing shock.

I looked at him, "we'll take him. He may be your biological son but he will be our son."

"Are you sure," he asked me.

"I know we never talked about having a family but your my family and now so is he," I said simply.  I know people may think it's weird but I love Wade and I would love any part of him.

Wade leaned over and picked up the car seat while the baby slept and he said, "I'm not signing my son away.  Period."

She smiled, "I'm glad to hear that. Congratulations dads."  She handed him the file and a diaper bag. We closed the door and brought the baby inside.

He set the carrier down and I unhooked him from the car seat. Then I picked him up and cradled him. Damn he was tiny but amazing. I fell in love with him at that moment.

"We need a name," Wade said.

"How about Cade?  Your and my name," I suggested.

"Cade Hardwick. I love it.  Now we just need baby stuff," he sighed and I chuckled. I knew exactly who to ask.

Yeah our moms went crazy. I think they were just happy to be grandma's.  Our dads just shook their head.  They did teach us how to care for a baby since well, we became immediate parents with no planning.  Nothing like having a baby dropped into your lap.

We got the hang of it fairly quickly and between the two of us, we fought over who got to do what with him. Yeah we were those parents. 

Eventually Rain and Sylvia gave birth to two boys. Rain and Antonio named their son Lorenzo. Adrian and Sylvia named their son Julian.  Luke and Autumn already had a daughter named Leah.

The family expanded and we couldn't be happier.

"And then they all lived happily ever after," I said to Cade as he slept in my arms. I rocked him as Wade came in, "how many stories are you going to read him?"

"As many as he wants," I smiled as Wade chuckled.  We just stared at him as he slept nestled into my arms. I was truly happy all thanks to this amazing man.

We found out what happened to Wade that night. Wade and Cole got married and became a family thanks to Wade's night. Antonio and Rain has a little boy which you're going to find out more about in next chapter and Adrian and Sylvia has Julian.

Get ready because next chapter is a doozy.

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