There's a problem

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After having Lorenzo, we were blessed to have a baby that was happy and not fussy. The only thing is we weren't prepared for what the doctor told us when I delivered.

I didn't hear him cry and neither did Antonio. I started to get upset but after much calming, I waited. I'm not patient so this was a plus.  They ran tests and when they returned him to us, they assured us he was fine.  That was a lie and I knew it.

They released us and we brought him home. He slept a lot. When he did wake, all we got was tiny grunts.  This led me to believe he may have autism.  Dad told me I started to talk but then everything went backwards. It's called backsliding. 

This made no sense to me because he didn't make a sounds except grunt.

In the process as he started to become more alert and awake, I went to pick him up in the morning only to call his name but he didn't look at me.  He probably didn't hear me.

I picked him up and he looked around I talked to him but he didn't look at me.


A few minutes later Antonio came into the room, "What's wrong?"

"There's a problem," I said to him.

"What's the problem," he asked confused.

"Watch. Lorenzo," I said and nothing.  I did it again and nothing.

Antonio walked behind him and clapped his hands but he never turned his head or start crying.  He did it again and nothing. Lorenzo didn't flinch at all.

I looked at him and he looked at me. This wasn't good.  Something was definitely wrong.

Antonio's POV

We made an appointment with his pediatrician.  We knew something was wrong the day he was born but was told, everything was fine. Said we were first time parents so of course we're going to worry.

The doctor examined him and then gave him a hearing test. No response. No crying. No nothing.  Then she pulled us into her office and sat us down.

"Doctor, is everything okay," Rain asked anxiously.  I tried to calm her as I placed my hand on her back and rubbed it.

The doctor asked us a few questions then referred us to a hearing specialist.  Said she had concerns. Yeah, well so did we.

We made an appointment which we had to wait six months on. When we finally did get in, Lorenzo was one. 

They ran more tests and once they were done, they delivered the news.

"Lorenzo is deaf," the doctor told us.

"What?"  We looked at him shocked.

"He failed every single test and checking his ears, he was born without ear drums and the tiny hairs that help with vibrations."

"Are you sure because they said he was fine," Rain told him.

"I'm positive. If they told you he was fine, then they lied," he assured us.

"We knew something was wrong because he didn't cry," I said.

"They should have known. Why they said he is fine is beyond me," the doctor said which didn't set well with us. Our baby was deaf and the hospital knew.

I had a feeling life was going to take a turn for us.

A year went by and Lorenzo was two. Since his diagnoses we got help. Rain was working on him with sign language as was I. He developed normally besides being deaf. We also hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against the hospital. They admitted they new and we won.

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