With college comes changes and a time Jump: 4 years

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Wade's POV

Cole and I spent as much time together until I had to leave. He was going to a different school for his degree and I was going to school with my friends. It would be an adjustment but we agreed to try a long distance romance.

Once we got to school and got settled, Antonio, Rain, Adrian, Sylvia and I shared a rental. They said it was better for Rain. I couldn't disagree.

School started and Cole and I tried to maintain our relationship but it was difficult. Between classes and everything else, our contact with each other was getting shorter and shorter.

It didn't help that when break happened, he was staying at school. I hated this. I missed him so damn much. Eventually, it got to the point, we decided to end things.

I cried and of course, everyone comforted me with ice cream. I don't know how I was going to get through the next four years single.  At this point I didn't even care. Only one person had my heart.  This sucks.

Cole's POV

With everything getting busier, it was making things difficult for Wade and me. After a lengthy conversation about things, we both mutually agreed to end things.  Who knows maybe one day, we will find our way back to each other.

After our breakup, I threw myself into my studies.  It was the only thing I could think of not to think about Wade. I missed him like hell.

I talked to Rain frequently. She was doing really good and enjoyed her classes. She kept telling me I was an idiot for breaking Wade's heart.  I didn't disagree with her.

We both knew with the distance, we didn't want to worry about someone cheating. Instead we dealt with a broken heart. Maybe, who knows, one day we will find our way back together.

Antonio's POV

Dealing with Morris's broken heart for the next four years was rough. I got it. Having to call it quits was always hard.

The first six months, he pretty much cried. Yeah that was fun. We went through a lot of ice cream. Eventually he got better with time. We just don't mention Cole. If Rain even remotely opened her mouth, I placed my hand over it. Yeah I didn't feel the need to open old wounds.

Our second year was a bit better. Except Morris refuse to date. Said his heart belonged to one person. We didn't push it.

Adrian and Sylvia got engaged. We were happy for them. They were set to marry right after school ended. Luke got engaged to Autumn. They were getting married next year. Wade refused to attend. He didn't want the risk of seeing Cole.

That year flew and of course we all attended Luke's wedding except Morris. Cole didn't say anything but we knew it bothered him. Honestly I felt bad for both of them.

The next year, I decided to take the plunge and propose to Rain. It was low key and of course she said yes.  We were set to get married after Adrian.  I couldn't wait to make Rain my wife.

Adrian's POV

The last of college flew by. I can't believe we're all graduating. Then I got another four years until I take the bar. Why the hell did I decide to become a lawyer. Fuck this. I switched my majors and decided to become an advocate.  Less time in school.

We all finally graduated and Sylvia and I were set to get married right after. Antonio and Rain were getting married a month after we did.

The wedding was absolutely perfect except the weather. Yeah it was bullshit. It stormed.  Good thing my wife is a good sport about this.

Everyone came to the wedding except Cole. I swear those two need to get it together.  At the reception, the three of us hung out while the girls danced.

"She's come a long way," I said to Antonio.

He looked at Rain, "Yeah she has. Most of the noticeable things she did having autism, aren't as prominent as they were when I met her. But she changed my entire perspective."

"And next month, you get married," I said to him.  He chuckled.

"Well, why you two are settling down and getting married, here I am single," Morris huffed.

"Well, you could be married if you would actually date," I said turning to him. "Morris it's been four years. He didn't even come to my damn wedding."

"Yeah don't remind me," he sighed.

"Morris," Antonio said as he placed his hand on Morris's shoulder, "I don't care what damn hang up you both have.  You better get over it by the time my wedding rolls around since your in it, doof."

I laughed as Morris rolled his eyes.

"Now excuse me, I'm going to dance with my beautiful wife," I said as I made my way over to my bride.  Antonio followed suit as he went over and danced with Rain.

"Yeah, sure. Nothing like seeing your ex at your best friend's wedding. Woohoo," he said as he took a sip of his drink.

Call me crazy but I had a feeling when Tony's wedding rolled around, things were going to take a major turn. Let's hope things go smooth for Tony and Rain's sake.

Wade's POV

I sat at a table watching everyone. As much I wanted to dodge Tony's and Rain's wedding because of Cole, I couldn't do that to either one of them. Just suck it up Morris. It's one day.

The minute I got a chance I snuck out of the reception and went home. I walked in and set my keys down. I flick on the light switch and looked at an empty apartment.

Being single sucks. Too bad I couldn't stop feeling this empty feeling I have for Cole. They say you never forget your first love. They were right.

I just need to get through Tony's wedding. Hopefully I can.

Well, yeah. I'm pretty sure no one saw that coming.

Get ready because we have a slight incident with Wade and the chapter you've all been waiting for.

You are all cordially invited to one wedding of Antonio and Rainbow.

See you at the wedding.

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