Finals, graduation and decisions

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Antonio's POV

Finals tend to be stressful normally. They become really stressful when you have to take them for graduation. Luckily, they allotted Rain extra time and modified them for her. The only problem is, it stressed her.

With stress, also comes needing relief. Good thing we were at my house and my parents weren't home.  We were under the covers as I was behind her as our bodies rocked back and forth.  Apparently, she decided she wanted to try something new.

Food?  No. A different position?  Yes.

As we kept moving and the bed kept squeaking, I didn't realize my parents came home.

Just as we found our release, my door opened as a lot of yelling happen in Italian.  Since I know Italian I can pretty much say that a lot of cuss words were used and get dressed, along with a few other phrases I don't need to repeat.

After we dressed, my parents decided the living room was the best place to study. They didn't want to make a big deal out of it but Rain reminded me they already did. Nothing gets past her.

I figure if things got too stressful, I'm sure we can make arrangements to help her relieve her stress.

Finals finally arrived and all of us took them. I knew Rain would be longer because of her allotted time, so I waited for her. With each class I waited for her once I was done.

Then before I knew it, when each day was completed, he found ourselves in a secluded place. I swear, as much as I enjoy this, I will be so happy when finals end. I need sleep.

I did know one thing I wanted to celebrate once everything was said and done. What I had planned I think everyone would enjoy.

After we finished our very last test of high school, we had to prepare for graduation. They wanted us to walk a certain way and line up a certain way. I don't know why we have to go through all this. Why can't they just give us a paper that says you finished high school?

Antonio reminded me that's what we get but the school wants to celebrate us leaving. Personally I thought it was dumb. Who celebrates when someone leaves? Don't people cry?

Everyone said it was a way to celebrate us making it through four years. Did they forget more schooling? I honestly think people need to understand better about situations. Because clearly they don't.

Antonio told me it was fine. I think he needs his head examined because clearly he's insane.  Of course just thinking about this caused me to panic. Of course he knew how to make me relax.  Sex always makes me feel better now that I understand what it is.

Graduation arrived and I sat with my friends.  It felt actually terrifying.  Oh god there are so many people. I can't do this. 

As I started to feel anxious, I started to have a meltdown. My family and friends tried to calm me but it wasn't working.  Too many people.

"Rain, I have something that will help you," Antonio said to me.

My head snapped towards him, "Antonio, sex is not the answer right now."

Everyone looked at him.

"Apparently we missed something," dad said to mom.

I looked at dad, "Antonio and I are having sexual intercourse. We love each other and it helps me relax. I'm eighteen and so is he. Now can we talk about something else beside my sex life."

Dad looked at me as did everyone else.

"I don't have time for opinions. We can discuss how you want to harm Antonio later. Actually, don't because then we can't get married and have children," I told him emphatically.

I don't know why everyone needs to make a big deal about this. Yes we have sex. Yes I like it a lot. No, it's not a big deal.

Antonio handed me something. I took it and looked at it. Then I looked at everyone. It immediately calmed me. He handed me Rainbow Dash.

"Okay people, let's do this," I said walking away.  I just wanted to get my diploma and leave.  Is that too much to ask?  According to the school, yes.

Cole's POV

We sat there finally after Rain calm down and graduation started. Thank god. I'm so sick of these graduations. I'm skipping college. They can just mail me my degree.

As they made their speeches although dad making them speed things up was way better, they finally got their diplomas. Of course I cheered when Wade got his and we all cheered when Rain got hers.

It was a proud day for all of us to see her accomplish something we never thought would happen. But she showed everyone.  I was glad. She deserve it.

After graduation, dad let us loose and we all left.  Antonio decided we should all go camping.  I hate to break it to him but Rain absolutely hates camping.  This should be fun.

Antonio's POV

Ever think you have a really good idea and realize it's terrible. Yeah I found out quickly, that Rain absolutely hates camping. She doesn't like bugs, dirt or anything nature wise.

Of course Luke and Cole laughed. Thanks a lot guys. Can't help someone out.

We ended up at Rain's house, all camped out in her living room. Colton set up the living room with pop up tents and nature sounds. We used their fireplace to roast marshmallows.

I roasted one for her and handed her the fork. She didn't want the graham crackers or chocolate. Of course we didn't have chocolate because Morris ate it all. Ass.

So we just hung out, camping inside.

"I can't believe things are changing," Adrian said to us.

"Change is inevitable. No matter how much you don't them to change, they do," Cole told him.

"Do you think we'll still be friends after all this," Rain asked.

"With a lot of work, anything is possible," Luke said as we all agreed.

That was the thing. None of us knew what would happen now but I had a feeling things were going to change when we got to school. At least for one of us. I had that feeling and I hoped it was wrong.

But for now we had the summer.

Get ready because this is the major change that happens. That's all I'm going to say.

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