Senior prom

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Prom arrived and Antonio asked me. I was leery but he assured me he would be on time, not like homecoming. Which he was late.

Mom helped me get ready as Cole got ready. He was going with Wade.  Plus he said if Antonio didn't show then he was already in a tux and I would still be able to go. I asked about Wade and he told me, Wade wouldn't mind.

I wore something simple and my shoes were flats. I don't wear heals.

After I finished getting ready, I came downstairs and waited. The dance started exactly at eight. I like to be on time.

Cole came down a few minutes later and there was a knock at the door. He answered it and Wade was here. I walked over and looked past him. My brows furrowed.  I didn't see Antonio.

Then he stepped out from the side, "looking for someone?"

A smile crept upon my face as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He wrapped his arms around my back as he kissed me.

"Told you I would be on time," he reassured me.

"Only because Adrian and I made sure you were," Wade said rolling his eyes.

"Eh, semantics," he replied.

I didn't even give him a chance to put a corsage on my wrist. I took his hand and dragged him to the limo, causing everyone to laugh.

"Guess Rain really wants to go to that dance," Luke chuckled.

Cole and Wade followed behind us as we got inside where Adrian and Sylvia were waiting.  I couldn't wait. I was going to Senior prom all because of Antonio.

Antonio's POV

Once inside the limo we all headed to prom. This was so much better now that I was attending with someone I love.  With Ella it was always a chore.  She did me a huge favor by breaking up with me.

We pulled up to the dance and got out. I took Rain's hand and walked with her inside. She wanted to run but I thought it would be best if took our time.

Once inside, we found a table and took a seat. I couldn't believe it. Senior prom. Soon would be finals, graduation and off to college. It was surreal. This whole year had been surreal.

With being investigated for slapping Ella, which I was cleared. Considering what she did to Rain, they decided it would be better not to pursue it. As for returning to the team and playing baseball, I decided there was more to life than sports.

My parents were surprised by my decision but understood. Me, personally, I wasn't. Rain had taught me so much since I met her. I learned there was a whole different world out there than what I was use to and I wanted to explore it.

"What are you thinking about," she asked me.

"Just reflecting on past events," I said simply.

"Good or bad?"

"Neither." She looked at me confused. "Everything turned out better." A smile curled upon her face as I smiled back. Rain was learning and so was I.

We all had dinner and talked. We discussed what we were doing after high school. Most of us knew what we're doing.  What surprised me the most was Rain was going to school to study art and sign language. 

Since I showed her the picture she became fascinated with it.  I was glad. I also told her I would there every step of the way.  Me, I decided to do something I felt was equally important.  I decided to work with kids that needed a little extra attention.

Cole was studying to be a special education teacher while Wade was going to go to school to be a teacher. Adrian decided to be a lawyer specializing in disability law. Poor guy he had more schooling than us.

After dinner, they cleared the floor so we could dance. I stood up, held out my hand while Rain took it. I led her onto the dance floor and pulled her to me. We danced together as the music played.

I never imagined in a million years I would end up with someone like Rain but I'm glad I did. They were right. I had to step into her world to see the world instead of forcing her into mine.

Since I did, I saw things differently than before. We grow up thinking things are a certain way only to realize they aren't. They're much different and amazing. That's what I saw when I entered her world.

She didn't see things like most people. People tend to complicate things where she didn't. Emotions get in the way and cloud judgment. For her everything was literal and precise. There wasn't room for complications. She basically made life simple.

I decided to request a special song. I know people would think it's weird but it fit.

The DJ nodded and put it on. I walked over and took her in my arms. As they played Rainbow Connection, we danced. It fit. People stopped and cleared the dance floor as we danced.

If you ever listen to the lyrics it, suits Rain. To step into her world you have to make a connection. A Rainbow connection.

Then someone tapped on my shoulder. We stop and I handed her to Cole. He took her in his arms and danced with her. I stood with Morris and Adrian as we watched then dance.

If you ever met Rain and her brothers, you would know they have a special bond. Especially Cole and Rain. I watched as he twirled her then brought her back to him.

As the song finished, I walked over and took over. We danced more. They announced king and Queen. Adrian and Sylvia were crowned. It was fitting. If anyone deserved it, it was Adrian.

We enjoyed the rest of prom until it was time to leave. Tonight, was a special night for Rain and I wanted to spend it with her. She had come so far since I met her and in the process she changed my life.

Life has an interesting way of throwing you a curve ball. You can either let it strike you out or hit it out of the park. I chose to hit it out of the park. Because I did, I fell in love with someone special. You can ask for more than that.

Awww. So sweet. Next chapter is the graduation chapter along with some changes. That's all I'm saying.

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