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The tide rolls in and rolls out

The sky transforms from colour to colour

One by one, each man will sit up groaning

Why must they waste their lives away doing what they are loathing?

The frogs will croak and the birds will sing

The sun will rise ad the moon will fall

Yet still, we remain to have our lives lived for us

You walk to the station and get on the crowded bus

It is filled with more puppets, hating their time

All with the same goal, not caring to complain

For they are trapped in this bind forged by jealousy and power

They peer at the clock, "Only 7 more hours"

But you, you aren't quite the same

You're eager to find what's outside of this chamber

You ask the questions everyone is too afraid to ask

You look to the future and learn from the past

And you ARE the future, the change we all need

The person who won't blindly follow everyone heartless commands

You and me, we can team up and fight

We won't stand for these orders, we're doing what's right.

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