Episode 1: The Chase

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I glanced up at the darkening sky

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I glanced up at the darkening sky. It looked as if it would start pouring any time now. I lowered my head at the sound of whimpers. It was my puppy, Honey. She had to be as hungry as I was.

I smiled as we came close to our target.

I patted her on the head and ran my hand across her back. "It'll be alright, Honey. Wait here for me. I promise I'll be back with something to eat."

This was the best chance I had. That girl wasn't there every day, but she tended to operate her food stand from late morning 'til late afternoon if not longer.

Honey hung her furry golden-brown tail between her legs as I put her down behind a tree. "Keep quiet, okay?"

I promised not to keep her waiting. She deserved to eat far more than I did. After all, she was just a puppy.

Once I saw that she had calmed down somewhat, I pulled on my gloves and threw on my hoodie. I couldn't let these people see my face.

The girl's stand really wasn't that far, but it felt like it since I didn't know this area and hadn't eaten all day.

Once it was within sight, I hid behind another tree. Moving back and forth between them made me feel like one of those ninjas in one of the shows I used to watch as a kid with my older brother.

Not that I was surprised, but there were lines of people crowded behind her. They all seemed to have smiles on their faces.

Based on the chatter I heard these past few days, this girl had moved into town around a week and a half ago. This was a few days after I arrived in this world, but about as long as I'd been in this area.

No one knew where she came from or lived, but she always set up in this spot. Anyone else who had things to sell respected that this was her space even though it wasn't marked or anything.

When I left home, I had only brought a couple changes of clothes and three days' worth of food. Even then, it only turned to be two and a half because I found Honey on my third day here.

Anyway, I hated it, but I had to raid trash cans to feed us both. On her second time here, I raided her trash can and took a half-eaten hot dog.

It would've been nice if it had still been hot, but I couldn't complain when we needed to eat. Still, it was the best in my life and the first in Honey's young life.

So, I understood why everyone was crowding around her for a chance to eat her food.

While she was busy tending to her customers, I dashed over to the next tree. I repeated the process four more times. I glanced over back at the trash can as soon as I was two trees away from her trash can.

I gulped. Only a little bit more and I could snatch something for us. I stared at my sweaty hands. I took a deep breath and rushed to the trash as the young woman handed over a pair of hamburgers to a family of three.

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