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THE BLONDE SIGHED as she searched through her bag, "What's wrong?" Kayla asked from her bunk,

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THE BLONDE SIGHED as she searched through her bag, "What's wrong?" Kayla asked from her bunk,

"I can't find my camera. Maybe I left it in the amphitheater." Kyra responded, checking the area around her one more time before standing up, "I think I'm gonna go look for it."

"She's gonna go see Jaaasssooonnn." Austin sang and he and Kayla laughed.

Kyra rolled her eyes before making her way towards the door before Will blocked her path, a smile on his face, "Not so fast, blondie."

Kyra scrunched up her eyebrows, "What?"

"Time for initiation, newbie," Will replied before looking at the other campers, "Meet at the archery field in ten." He told them before grabbing her arm and leading her outside,

"What's the initiation?" Kyra asked nervously as Will led her towards the archery field,

The older blonde paused and grabbed something from his pocket, "Well, when we found out about you and the quest, we had some of the Hephaestus kids make something for you."

He opened up his palm and Kyra gasped. In his hand was a gold charm bracelet with many charms. Will clasped it around her wrist and smiled, "Now take off the bow and arrow charm."

She gave him a confused face before doing as he said. Once they were unclipped, the charms began to grow until they were full size, "Oh, wow." Kyra smiled.

"Try them out."

Kyra lined herself twenty yards away from the target and raised the bow and pulled the arrow back with the string. She let go and the golden arrow lodged itself in the direct center of the target.

Will smiled, "You're a natural."

The blonde ran over and smiled at him, "Thank you so much."

"It's no problem." He told the younger girl, "You're one of us now."

Kyra looked down at a slightly different shaped arrow on the bracelet, "What's this?" She asked, taking the charm off it and grew to a full-size arrow.

"That's a special arrow. When released, it makes a loud noise and creates an explosion when it lands. I suggest that you don't try it out right now." Will replied and Kyra nodded, clipping it back onto her bracelet when it shrunk back into a charm.

"C'mon," Will wrapped her arm around her shoulder, "Let's teach you the rest about the Apollo cabin."

He brought Kayla back to the cabin and the other two campers gathered around. In the summer, there were usually more campers, but since it's not even spring yet, many campers went home and are attending school at their own risk.

"What do you know about the children of Apollo?" Will asked.

"Um," Kayla furrowed her eyebrows, "Expert archers, good artists and musicians, and they're physically skilled."

"Well, correct, but there's so much more we can do." Will replied, "We're natural healers and when we sing a hymn in ancient Greek to Apollo, we can heal someone."

"Oh!" Kayla perked up, "We can curse people to only speak in rhyming couplets. Sometimes it can take forever to wear off. It's hilarious!"

Kyra smiled, knowing who she would like to perform that curse on. 

"Also, it's extremely rare, like, we've never met someone who can do this, but it's believed that some of Apollo's children possess photokinesis," Will stated,

"Photokinesis?" Kyra questioned,

"The ability to control light." Austin answered, 

The horn blew and Kyra knew what that meant. Lunch. As she walked with the Apollo cabin, her smile hurt her cheeks. She was excited. She could finally sit with her real family.

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