[Halloween] Party Invitation: the Poem

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It's Halloween!

Come out and play tweens.

I've got a party

To beat all parties.

In the moonlight;

On this hallow's night;

It's all dandy.

Eat all my candy!

Choco pumpkins,

Twins dressed like munchkins.

Tons of muffins

In plates of coffins.

But I'll mad howl

If you touch my owl.

It's my tombstone

For when I'm earth gone.

So trick or treat

Till legs turn to wheat.

Have fun, have fun

Till the rising sun. 

Author's Note

Word Count -- 57 or 76  I have no idea thanks to Wattpad's counter.

The pic is by rawpixel.com from Pexels.  

It's funny the kids don't look like they're in their tweens. 

I haven't been giving credit for the pics I used recently.  Sorry about that. 

Creepy Halloween to all.  :  )

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